Maria Glagoleva stars for CHARITY CALENDAR 2022

Charity Calendar is published annually. The project is aimed at raising funds to help children in orphanages. The founders of the project, the company Amillidius and Fostylen, headed by Elvira Gavrilova, believe that helping children is the obligation of every responsible person, because children are our future.

The theme of the calendar is constantly changing. This year, the topic has become a pandemic.

The best specialists in their field took part in the project. Designer Julia Lyatavskaya created 12 incredible masks of fresh flowers, which the heroines of the calendar tried on.

One of the participants was Maria Glagoleva – founder of Maria Gragoleva Language Centre, director, English and German teacher; holder of the award «Heritage of Odessa» and participant of the project «Top-100 Successful Ukrainians».

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Talking with Maria, we learned her opinion about her participation in the project and her attitude to good deeds.

“I am sure that every child is talented, and everyone has the right to decent living and learning conditions, the right to be heard. Therefore, I always support charitable projects aimed at helping children, especially those who are deprived of parental warmth. I was very glad to be invited to this project. All the money from the sale of the calendar is used to buy gifts for children in orphanages. On December 19, our entire team goes to congratulate children on the holiday, giving them a piece of miracle and joy. Join our initiative by purchasing Charity Calendar 2022,” says Maria.

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