Katerina Lupeko: The profession of a model is hard work that requires great dedication

Many stars began their careers at a very young age, because the experience and knowledge gained in childhood can serve as an excellent start for mastering acting, working as a catwalk or photo model.

Today we want to introduce you to the beginning Ukrainian model, who the whole world will soon hear about – Katerina Lupeko.


Katya has been passionate about modeling since childhood. She studied with the best catwalk and photo posing trainers. Katya is still very young, but despite this, even adult model colleagues can envy her professionalism. Under her belt there are a considerable number of photo and video works for Ukrainian and world clothing brands, dozens of projects with well-known print and online publications, participation in fashion shows and competitions. And most importantly, she is confidently and constantly moving towards her dream – to conquer the world’s catwalks and develop modeling in Ukraine.

Today, Katerina Lupeko is a model of the brands «Miledi», «By Vel», «Bon Bon Couture», «LiliLend»;  brand ambassador for EVELINA by Lobareva and Kizko Furs;  participant of shows: Junior Fashion Week, Candy Super Star, Milan Fashion Week, Ukrainian Fashion Industry Awards. Katerina starred in such magazines as: «LK Models»,«LK Magazine»,«Oval Deti», «Oval Magazine», as well as for the lookbooks «Dirk Bikkimbergs»,«Philip Pleinn». Now she acts as an advertising face for the A&M Agency modeling agency and the brand «Appele».

Katerina, how did your modeling career start?

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I have always been interested in modeling, from early childhood I dreamed about how I would be on the covers of fashion magazines.

My first photo shoot was for the magazine Pink. I liked it so much that for a long time I could not recover from the joy and those vivid emotions that I experienced. At that moment I decided to connect my life with modeling.


Most recently, you were invited to act as the face of the Jean Gritsfeldt fashion house. What are your impressions of working with one of the brightest Ukrainian designers?

I truly admire Jean and his work. He pays special attention to the interaction of the body and clothes, and sets trends in fashion. Most importantly, his work is very recognizable. They stand out for their complex cut, the development of designer prints and embroidery, the combination of unexpected textures and the highest quality of workmanship. This is not just clothes, but a whole trend.

What work do you remember the most?

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I am proud of all my works. All of them are unforgettable, but I can note the participation in the filming of the video clip of Vitaly Kozlovsky «Baby, Dance», as well as my role as the main character in the Lookinich video «Let it go». 

Tell us about your latest project.

My latest project was to work with the jewelry brand «Style Avenue», where I was lucky enough to showcase bright and exclusive jewelry collections.


What are you like not in front of cameras, but alone with yourself and your loved ones?

All close and dear people know me as a very cheerful and friendly person. I am always ready to help everyone, give advice and support in difficult times.


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What makes you truly happy?

My friends and family.


Do you plan to continue modeling? Or do you want to put more emphasis on your film career?

I plan to always do what I will like at a certain point in time. 

Now I am incredibly passionate about both modeling and cinematography. I would like to continue to develop in these two directions. However, I have not seriously thought about who I want to become in the future.


What advice can you give to aspiring models?

The profession of a model is hard work that requires great dedication. Learn fashion shoots, follow good photographers and other models. See how they move in the frame, pose, walk on a runway. The most important thing is to learn and gain experience.

Many people think that modeling is a dream job. Indeed, this is true, but you need to understand that behind every successful shooting or show there is a lot of work and diligence. Models are not born, models are made.



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