Burberry to release NFT collection for Blankos Block Party video game

Burberry випустять NFT-колекцію

Burberry has announced the release date for the NFT collection for the Blankos Block Party video game from Mythical Games. It will go on sale on August 11th.

Blankos Block Party is a multiplayer video game with digital vinyl toys known as Blankos that live on the blockchain. Users can collect, improve and sell them. As part of the collaboration, Burberry has created a digital vinyl toy and accessory collection for Blankos – a jetpack, oversleeves and shoes.

“Games are a unique space in which we try and explore digital innovations that embody our values and celebrate creativity in our communities. The partnership with Mythical Games seems like a natural step forward that goes beyond our internal space, bringing the Burberry universe into an established environment,” said Rod Manley, director of marketing for Burberry.

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