Valentyna Savchenko. Mom of three kids tells how to keep a girlish figure

Valentyna Savchenko is an exemplary mother, and a successful businesswoman, whose example is worthy of imitation. Despite the huge amount of work and family worries, Valentyna always looks good. Looking at her perfect figure, many cannot believe that she has three children.

With her appearance, Valentyna dispels the myths that after childbirth it is impossible to return to the former shape.

What is her secret? In proper nutrition? In regular sports? Or maybe Valentyna, being the owner of the beauty salon «‎Beauty House», knows all the secrets of beauty and well-chosen beauty procedures?

Let’s try to find out about this in an exclusive interview with Valentyna.

Valentyna, you are a mother of three kids, and at the same time, you managed to maintain an excellent physical shape. It is certainly because of proper nutrition. Tell me three basic rules of your daily diet.

Hi! That’s right, our physical form directly depends on the work on ourselves.

The first rule is that I always start my day with two glasses of warm water. The main course for lunch should be a salad. Lots of greenery is my second principle. The third is to remember to drink at least two liters of water throughout the day.

Does your family support you in the diet, or do your family members eat whatever they want, and you limit yourself?

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They support both nutrition and exercise. We have a rule: you are what you eat! And then the choice is theirs, the main thing is to remind them nicely and accurately in time about the «‎benefit» of chips and cola.

How long after your third birth did you return to training? What sport do you prefer? Did you start with simple exercises or did you not spare yourself and gave all the best in the gym?

I did not gain much, only 14 kg. A month after giving birth, I started swimming, and water aerobics. In the gym, I started to give all the best much later, after 8 months, since earlier I had no time to go to the gym.

Tell us about the three most effective beauty procedures that will quickly help a woman regain her former shape after giving birth.

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About two months after childbirth, you can plan hardware and manual procedures to combat extra pounds and other imperfections.

It is better to start solving the problem with the help of techniques that provide lymphatic drainage.

The first procedure is a manual lymphatic drainage massage to improve skin tone, which is recommended in cases where, in addition to excess weight, there is swelling. Massage helps to speed up the lymph flow in the body, thereby eliminating congestion and helping to reduce swelling. The work of cells responsible for the breakdown of fat is activated.

At home, you can do dry rubbing with a brush in combination with cosmetics. Dry rubbing problem areas quickly cause redness, tightening the skin and improving metabolic processes. At the same time, it is important to take breaks for recovery: for example, after 2-3 days of rubbing, it is better to pause for 1-2 days. After rubbing, the skin should be softened with a nourishing cream or oil. This is my top number 2.

And thirdly, there are wraps. They are aimed at improving the condition of the skin, while they act deeply on the entire body, cleansing the body, improving the functioning of blood vessels, lifting, moisturizing and nourishing, accelerating metabolism, and fat burning.

Which of these procedures are popular in your beauty salon?

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Massages are the most popular, as they are both beneficial and relaxing.

What are your top three rules for looking good?

  1. Monitor your health. When a person is healthy, their skin, hair, and nails look neat.
  1. Neat appearance is a business card, which often determines the perception of you by other people.
  1. Figure — by regularly exercising, you get a double effect: you improve your figure and strengthen your health.

Now the body-positive movement is gaining more and more popularity. Someone considers this trend wonderful, some think that it is propaganda for an unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight. What do you think about it?

It is not in my rules to condemn, it is the choice of each person. I made mine in favor of lightness and harmony.

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