Renata Shtifel: My most important dream has long been realized 

On the eve of a significant event in the life of singer Renata Shtifel, we decided to speak with her to learn more about her pregnancy and plans.

Renata, you recently celebrated your birthday, and in an Instagram post, you mentioned that everything you dreamed of achieving before turning 31 has come true. Could you elaborate on what you were referring to and what dreams you have going forward?

Yes, time indeed flies incredibly fast, and I’ve just turned 31. But inside, I still feel like that young girl with big ambitions and dreams. My most significant dream has long been realized – creating a family. It’s incredibly challenging to find that one person with whom you can share life’s joys and sorrows, always together. Sometimes, you need to make a choice, and as you can see, I’ve made mine. Of course, I still have many ideas and a voice that God has blessed me with, so I will continue on my creative path!

What are your greatest hopes and fears regarding motherhood?

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In just a few days, I’ll become a mother. It’s hard to even grasp fully. I haven’t fully experienced the maternal instinct yet, but from my perspective, motherhood is a real kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences. On the one hand, I eagerly await the moment I can embrace my little princess. On the other hand, it comes with substantial responsibility and fears. Will I be able to provide her with the best? Can I raise her to be a strong and independent individual? These thoughts drive me to learn, self-improve, and prepare for this new life stage. Yes, there are fears, but I’m confident that with love and support, everything will turn out excellently.

How has your pregnancy influenced your daily routine and work schedule?

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Fortunately, my pregnancy hasn’t impacted my daily life. I remain as active as I was before pregnancy. Always behind the wheel, I’m continuously going places, and organizing things. Also, it’s worth noting that we have two boys in our family, so almost every weekend, our home turns into a veritable football team.

Do you intend to incorporate themes of motherhood and pregnancy into your future lyrics or musical projects? Have you thought about writing a song for your daughter?

Indeed, I am very keen on incorporating themes of motherhood and pregnancy into my future lyrics and musical projects. This incredibly important phase of my life certainly deserves to be reflected in my art. I’ve even considered composing a lullaby for my daughter. However, I want this song to be special, to capture the feelings and emotions of becoming a mother for the first time. Thus, I’ve decided to wait until she is born to truly feel her presence and then channel those emotions into music. This approach will make the song much more personal and meaningful.

Will we see a mom blog from Renata?

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This is always a bit complex for me. I’m the kind of blogger who forgets to start recording and capturing moments. And then finding the time to post becomes a challenge. In recent years, I’ve started to cherish living in the moment. Whenever I find a spare moment, I like to share snapshots with my audience. I admit I’ve been quite scarce online, but perhaps Charlotte (named after her father, Charles) might feature more frequently in my posts.

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