Badoo has coronavirus vaccination marks

У Badoo з'явилися позначки про вакцинацію

Dating service Badoo has added the ability to report coronavirus vaccinations to the app. Now each user can put a special badge “I am vaccinated”.

Badoo came to this decision after a survey. Thus, the majority of respondents (72%) are interested in a person’s COVID status before a meeting. In addition, 40% of those asked said they were not ready to meet with those who have not been vaccinated or have not had COVID-19.

“It is obvious that today the issue of immunity to coronavirus is becoming one of the main issues in many areas of life, and dating is no exception. We are in solidarity with those who are concerned about their health and safety of others, and we believe that the key to a successful relationship is in an honest dialogue with each other about all issues of concern to them,” said the brand director of Badoo.

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