Model Anastasiia Bondarchuk stars for the Charity Calendar 2022 project

Every year the international advertising company Amillidius together with our magazine Fostylen, headed by the editor and muse Elvira Gavrilova, creates a charity calendar.

Each year the theme of the calendar is different from the previous ones. Of course, now everyone is hearing the topic of coronavirus, so this year it is no coincidence that the creators of the calendar have chosen the topic of a pandemic.

Elvira invited the best designers and specialists to participate in the project. Designer from Odessa Julia Lyatavskaya has created amazing protective masks from fresh flowers, which women and children from all over Ukraine tried on.

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One of the participants who, moreover, graced the cover of Charity Calendar is Anastasiia Bondarchuk.

We talked with Nastya and found out her opinion on the situation in the world, coronavirus, and why participation in this project is so important for her.

“I believe that every opinion leader must also be socially responsible. I myself have had a coronavirus and from my own experience I know how serious this disease is. I am aware that there are many people in the world who need help, because the treatment for this disease is very expensive. Therefore, I could not stand aside and support this project. The purpose of the Charity Calendar is very noble – to raise funds for gifts and needs of orphanages. I take part in this charitable project every year. This year we also plan to visit orphanages for the Day St. Nicholas to congratulate the children on this holiday,”– Anastasiia shared with us.

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