Aina Samigatova: “I love Kazakhstan, and it is a great honor to represent it on the global stage”

Today, we are in conversation with Aina Samigatova—an engineer who emerged as a beauty contest victor. Aina shared insights from the “Mrs. Globe KZ” contest, where she claimed the title of “Mrs. Eurasia Globe-2023” and secured the opportunity to represent Kazakhstan at the international “Mrs. Globe Official 2024,” reaching the top 10. She will discuss the driving force that inspires women to chase their dreams and showcase their uniqueness to the world. Additionally, we will explore her significant social project aimed at assisting homeless animals, shedding light on why such initiatives are integral to her life’s journey.

Good afternoon, Aina. Could you share your feelings upon learning about your participation in the Mrs. Globe Official 2024 contest?

Discovering that I would represent Kazakhstan at the Mrs. Globe Official 2024 contest filled me with joy and pride for myself and my native country. I cherish Kazakhstan, and representing it on the global stage is a profound honor. My connection to my homeland is deep-rooted, and I take pride in my origins. This opportunity is immensely significant to me.

What is your primary motivation in life, and what prompted you to enter beauty contests?

My primary motivation in life is to fully realize my potential and demonstrate my finest qualities. This ambition drove me to participate in beauty contests. I was particularly drawn to the format of the Mrs. Globe KZ contest because it focuses not only on beauty but also celebrates successful women. I appreciate the chance to contribute and share my experiences, so I eagerly joined this project.

What are your general impressions of participating in the “Mrs. Globe” contest? Tell us about your emotions and experiences.

Participating in the ‘Mrs. Globe’ contest was an extraordinary experience. This grand contest brought together participants from 45 countries, highlighting the event’s scale. Each of the nine days was packed with diverse activities, providing me with invaluable experiences and emotions. I am confident that this contest will leave lasting impressions on my life.

Which moments were especially emotional for you during the contest?

Each moment was emotional because every day brought something new. Although we received the schedule in advance, detailing the daily events and required outfits, experiencing it firsthand was entirely different. Every day, as I dressed up and attended the events, brought fresh emotions. The photo sessions were particularly moving. Being taken to various locations like a water park, Chinese-style landmarks, and the seaside, I savored new emotions continually. Meeting and connecting with contestants from across the globe was especially heartwarming. We’ve maintained our communication and fostered a sisterly bond. Reflecting on how the contest unfolded, it stands out as the most emotionally charged experience for me.

How did your passion for tennis and dance begin? Why did you choose these disciplines?

My passion for tennis and dance sprang from a genuine interest and a desire to stay active. After my first tennis lesson, I knew it was the right fit for me. The sport not only demands physical activity but also mental focus: feeling the ball, anticipating its trajectory, and deciding on the play. Dance, similarly, is not merely about moving to music but involves expressing emotions that interpret the nuances of each melody. I selected dance because it allows me to channel my creativity and express myself through movement. Both tennis and dance have not only kept me physically fit but also fostered discipline, self-improvement, and expressive freedom.

You mentioned your social project focused on helping homeless animals. Can you elaborate on this initiative?

My initiative to aid homeless animals began as a small project in my hometown. Noticing the plight of many homeless animals, I was compelled to act. Initially, I started by gathering resources to support local shelters, then organized volunteer events to raise public awareness. This included fundraising, awareness campaigns about the challenges faced by homeless animals, and promoting adoption over purchasing pets. These efforts not only improved the lives of many animals but also heightened my responsibility and awareness of ecological and animal welfare issues.

You place a strong emphasis on self-realization. What kind of self-realization training do you undergo, and how do they assist you in daily life?

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Yes, I have been deeply involved in self-realization, which I find incredibly fulfilling. I have participated in numerous trainings throughout my life, particularly valuing those that focus on energy and vibrations, as I believe in their tangible effects. Meditation is a crucial aspect of my journey towards self-discovery, helping me achieve internal harmony. This internal balance positively influences my external life. Noticing tangible changes in myself and my lifestyle since beginning these practices, I prioritize continual development and self-reflection. This approach not only enhances my daily life but also opens up new opportunities and connections.

How important is self-discipline in achieving success, and how do you cultivate it?

For me, self-discipline is critical to achieving success. I consider myself to be very responsible and a bit of a perfectionist, traits that strongly tie back to my self-discipline. Every achievement requires effort and dedication, and I consistently set clear goals for myself. Moreover, I develop detailed plans of action that exemplify this discipline, ensuring that I allocate the necessary time and effort to complete each task or achieve each goal.

I am fortunate to have been raised with a strong sense of discipline, and I am grateful to my parents for instilling this quality in me from an early age. It has become a fundamental part of my life. Even when participating in competitions, I recognize that self-discipline is just as important as talent or skill. In a world full of diverse fields where success is sought, achieving significant outcomes would be considerably more challenging without this disciplined approach.

Do you believe that a woman’s success in her professional life can serve as an example and a source of motivation for others?

I believe that a woman’s success in her professional life is not only an achievement for her but can also serve as a powerful inspiration for others. Each success story involves overcoming challenges and acquiring new skills, reflecting both persistence and adaptability. Such achievements show other women that with hard work and determination, it is possible to reach their goals. This can be incredibly motivating, especially for those who may face similar challenges.

How do you balance your personal life, career, and self-development?

Since I began actively engaging in self-development and practicing meditation, my ability to balance my inner world has greatly improved. In today’s world, we constantly experience a multitude of thoughts and feelings. However, being in a state of harmony and internal balance, I’ve noticed that it positively affects my external relationships and professional activities. When you are in harmony with yourself, you can successfully manage various responsibilities—whether it’s work, family, or personal interests. I believe that self-development and meditation play a crucial role in maintaining this balance, helping me focus on the important aspects of life and stay aligned with myself. Additionally, it’s critical to highlight that engaging in activities that truly bring joy and satisfaction is key to achieving a balance between personal life, career, and self-development. When we follow our passions and do what we truly enjoy, it becomes a natural source of inspiration and energy.

When actions are based on genuine interests and attachments, they tend to flow more smoothly, and you find that you have more energy for the essential things in life. This approach not only facilitates a better balance between personal and professional life but also allows for greater satisfaction and happiness each day.

You assert that everyone should be accountable for their actions. How does this influence your attitude toward mistakes and failures?

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I believe that being accountable for one’s actions is a fundamental principle that underpins my worldview. When you take responsibility for your mistakes, it not only demonstrates maturity but also allows you to learn from them. If we hide our mistakes or refuse to take responsibility, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to grow and develop. I adhere to the principle that “mistakes are an opportunity to learn.” Whenever something goes wrong, I strive to understand why it happened and what can be done differently in the future.

This approach not only improves my skills and behavior but also contributes to the development of my emotional intelligence. It’s also important to remember that our mistakes do not define us as individuals; they merely point out our current limitations, which can be overcome. By approaching mistakes with a positive outlook, I find the strength to deal with them constructively.

How does meditation help you in everyday life?

For me, meditation is a way to achieve inner harmony and peace. This practice helps me calm my mind and focus on the present moment. Through meditation, I can better manage stress and emotions, which is crucial in the fast-paced rhythm of modern life. Daily meditation sessions provide me with a deeper understanding of myself and my needs.

Meditation also offers the chance to rethink and reassess my thoughts and actions. It creates space for intuition and creativity, which are important for my personal and professional activities. It helps me find answers to complex questions and make considered decisions.

Given that meditation helps reduce stress and improve concentration, it has become an essential part of my life, enabling me to be more productive and effective in everything I do.

How do you assess the importance of self-education and continuous learning for women in the modern world?

In the modern world, self-education and continuous learning are crucial factors for success, especially for women. I believe we live in a favorable era, where information and educational resources are readily accessible. Compared to our parents’ generation, we can appreciate the advantages of modernity: quick access to information, a wide range of educational programs, and the ability to choose a path that aligns with personal interests.

I enjoy analyzing and reflecting on the world around us, and I conclude that we are indeed fortunate to live in the 21st century. All opportunities for self-improvement and professional growth are before us, and it depends solely on how we utilize these opportunities. Self-education not only provides knowledge but also builds confidence. For instance, by taking courses in public speaking, a person not only gains skills for public performances but also confidence in their capabilities. This is an example of how education can change our attitude towards ourselves and our potential.

Overall, continuous learning and self-education play a key role in our lives, helping us grow, develop, and move forward, aiming for new horizons and achievements.

Do you have personal mantras or affirmations that help you maintain motivation and belief in yourself?

Affirmations are a key practice for me. When I face difficulties or feel tired, I go to the mirror and start with gratitude. I acknowledge my achievements and appreciate what I have already obtained.

After expressing gratitude, I move on to affirmations, affirming my success, beauty, and wisdom to myself. This not only helps me feel love for myself but also strengthens my belief in my capabilities. I am convinced that this practice is effective and can be beneficial for many. I find it important to conduct this ritual daily to reinforce my motivation and belief in myself. No one but you can give you this confidence, so it is vital to pay attention to your inner world and motivate yourself with gratitude and love for yourself.

I must ask about your animal protection foundation. Why specifically animal protection, and what are your goals in this direction?

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My drive comes from empathy for animals, which are often left unprotected in our world. Without the ability to choose their owner or their circumstances, they are completely dependent on humans. Unlike us, who have the freedom to choose and change our lives.

I do not deny the importance of helping people, and wherever possible, I try to assist them too. However, my heart particularly aches for defenseless animals. Together with like-minded people, we decided to create a foundation that would not only support animals but also educate society on empathy and respect for living beings.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” These words carry profound significance. One of our goals is to promote understanding and empathy towards animals, teaching people to care for them and the environment. We also strive to instill a sense of love, respect, and care for animals in the younger generation, nurturing them in the spirit of empathy.

Do you think it is possible to teach people to care for animals, and what methods do you use to draw attention to this issue?

Educating people about animal care is feasible, and much depends on setting an example and personal initiative. I show many of my acquaintances and friends the importance of caring for homeless animals. For example, I often carry food and containers for their feeding. Many of my acquaintances have started doing the same, seeing my example. Indeed, each of us can be a source of inspiration for those around us.

In our fast-paced world, time is one of the most valuable resources. However, even small actions, such as feeding homeless animals or setting up water stations, can become noticeable examples and inspire others. In terms of drawing attention to this issue, we also actively use social media. We have an Instagram page (, where we post information and stories about our initiatives. This allows us to reach a large audience and spread awareness about the importance of caring for animals.

What plans and dreams do you have for the near future?

I am considering creating another foundation, but this time the focus will be on assisting people. In the last six months, I have been actively accumulating experience and knowledge that I would like to share with society. This could serve as the starting point for a new project or even a business.

Also, I have an important event ahead—the participation in the Mrs. Globe Official 2024 contest. This is not just a beauty competition. It is an opportunity to express my ideas, learn something new, and share experiences with other participants. Participation in such events brings many emotions and stimulates further personal growth.

Preparing for the contest requires considerable effort and energy. However, it is precisely this demanding nature and the desire to participate that motivate me to develop new ideas. After the contest concludes, I plan to begin work on a project that will facilitate motivation and support for women. I am deeply convinced of the pivotal role women play in shaping society.

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