ANASTASIA VALAVANIDI:13- Year old young artist from Greece who’s making her dreams come true

Anastasia Valavanidi is a young artist, a student of Pinewood American International School, whose talented nature attracts the attention of many. At the age of 13, she has already achieved significant success in international competitions in the categories of vocal and art. Her unique voice and acting talent amaze audiences, and her confidence on stage is admirable.

Anastasia has proved to be a high achiever as she has managed to be awarded for her vocal and acting prowess in various international competitions. Her beautiful voice and her confidence while acting on stage sweep audiences off their feet. One of her greatest
accomplishments was her becoming the youngest Greek presenter for two consecutive years in an online contest and in the monthly diaries of the same contest.

Her being part of the aforementioned projects is a clear confirmation of her artistic talent and leadership skills. Anastasia was blessed and honored to have performed in Herodotus Atticus Theater alongside highly acclaimed Greek actors, a challenging task which evidences how successful an actress she is.

Recently, Anastasia attended Cannes Cinema Festival, one of the highest profile cinematic events, participation in which is held in high regard in the performing arts world. On May 18, as part of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, a charity event “West Charity Evening of Ukrainian Culture, Beauty, and Fashion: Ukraine Fashion Film Festival”, that is, took place and was organised in support of Ukraine. It was an evening dedicated to the Ukrainian culture, beauty and fashion. Anastasia was indeed honored to be part of this significant event.

Her outfit in Cannes was created Vasilis Zoulias, the legendary Greek Fashion designer, who previously also worked on costumes for the lead actress of the popular Netflix series, “Emily in Paris”. The selected design accentuated her style and elegance , whilst giving her an
unparalleled presence on the red carpet.
Anastasia Valavanidi’s participation in the events that took place in the Cannes Festival not only featured her talent and attainments, but also gave her the chance to present herself to an international audience and gain even more admiration and support.

In fact, the Cannes Festival was an important step in her course to date and broadened new horizons and prospects in the world of art. Participation in an organised event of such magnitude, as in the case of the Cannes Festival, gives prominence to Anastasia’s talent and work(s), not to mention her dedication to art development and the realization of her dreams. She keeps on trying to use her voice to get her message across and her participation in Cannes brought her a step closer to this path.

However, Anastasia’s accomplishments are not limited to the realm of arts. She is also actively involved in charity projects devoted to children with special needs. This young artist has committed herself to putting her talent to use, so as to make the world a better place for
all children. Her participation in theatrical performances, in conjunction with the Down Syndrome Awareness Campaign, constitutes yet another indication of her social responsibility and desire to give a helping hand. Apart from all her past and more recent success stories, Anastasia is currently working on a unique theatrical project, which will empower children with special needs to show their special talents on stage.

Her willingness to play a role in this show demonstrates her kind and understanding nature, which in every given opportunity reflects her appreciation for diversity and firm belief that performing arts join people beyond doubt.

Anastasia makes a good role model for young people showing that you are never too young to reach goals and contribute to positive changes which will make the world a better place to live in. As a young artist, Anastasia is investing in her long run plans. Her biggest dream is to be on a world singing tour and be a source of inspiration for other individuals. She is committed to and passionate about her art(s) and she has moral values, which once at play, will lead to incredible results.

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