Svitlana Yermakova stars for the CHARITY CALENDAR 2022

From year to year, Amillidius and Fostylen magazine create a thematic charity calendar, the theme of which is constantly changing. This year of the reigning coronavirus, the topic could not be different.

Elvira invited the best designers and specialists to participate in the project. A designer from Odessa, Julia Lyatavskaya, created 12 unique masks from natural flowers, which served as the basis for creating artistic images that adorn the pages of the calendar.

One of the participants is Svitlana Yermakova – Doctor of Pedagogy, professor, practical psychologist, motivational speaker, coach, mother of many children, author and leader of the Svitlana Yermakova’s School of Spiritual Development.

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We talked with her and found out her opinion about her participation in the project and her attitude to good deeds.

“For me, charity is selfless help to those in need. And there are still too many people in need of support: disadvantaged children, the older generation… Thanks to the initiative of Amillidius and Elvira Gavrilova, such a wonderful project as CHARITY CALENDAR 2022 was created, which is aimed at raising funds for gifts to children in orphanages. Anyone can join the project by purchasing a calendar for themselves, as well as for their friends and relatives. I urge all Ukrainians to join this project and others like it. It doesn’t matter how much you give, if the help comes from the heart,” says Svitlana.

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