Electric cars will be charged from the road: magnetic cement is tested in the USA

The unique material was created by German scientists – it has a number of useful properties.

In the US state of Indiana, they will begin testing modern technology for charging electric vehicles – from the road on which they will go.

The project will be implemented by the Indiana authorities and Purdue University with the assistance of the German company Magment.

The company is a manufacturer of a building substance of the same name – magnetic cement.

The project will be implemented in three stages. The first will take place in laboratory conditions: by the end of the summer, researchers will begin testing to establish the suitability of the magnetic cement for road use.

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At the second stage, it is planned to build about 1.5 km of the road, on which electric vehicles with a capacity of 200 kilowatts and above will be tested.

And finally, if successful results are obtained, a section of one of the public roads in Indiana will be created from magment.

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