Nataliya Bondarchuk stars for CHARITY CALENDAR 2022

Every year the Amillidius company and the Fostylen magazine, headed by Elvira Gavrilova, create a thematic charity calendar, the theme of which is constantly changing. This year’s calendar theme is pandemic.

The best designers and specialists were invited to participate in the project. Designer from Odessa Julia Lyatavskaya has created 12 unique masks from natural flowers, which were tried on by talented Ukrainian women.

One of the participants was Nataliya Bondarchuk, General Director of the European Legal Group Diplomat, President of the Research Institute for the Development of Democracy, President of the First Step student film festival, public figure and philanthropist.

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We talked with Nataliya and found out her opinion about helping orphanages.

“Helping orphanages is one of the most widespread methods of charity. Indeed, it is hard to remain indifferent and not lend a helping hand to little children who are left without parents. Charity Calendar 2022, in which I took part, aims to raise funds for gifts to children from orphanages. I am very impressed by the concept of this project, because gifts are made to children for a reason, based on their personal opinion. Initially, the organizers of the project ask the children what exactly they are doing and give those gifts that they have personally chosen,” says Nataliya.

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