Anastasiia and Nicole Bronfman: a happy example of harmony in a mother-daughter relationship

They communicate like two gal pals: simple, easy, with a smile and a certain amount of irony towards each other.

Anastasiia and Nicole Bronfman are a happy example of harmony in the relationship between mother and daughter. What is it: correct upbringing? genes? We think both. We invite you to get to know Anastasiia and Nicole better.


Good afternoon. Tell us a little about yourself, Nicole.


My name is Nicole. I enjoy acting, singing and dancing. That’s why I visit the Startime Talent Center. I also love to learn new cultures and learn foreign languages. Now I am learning English.

I never sit around. I do something all the time. Most of all I like to travel. Traveling, we get to know the world.


Judging by your photos on social networks, you have visited many countries for your young age. Tell me, which country is the most beautiful in your opinion?


Each country is beautiful in its own way. Someone likes Italy, someone likes Greece. It seems to me that people choose what is closer to their hearts.

I like Ukraine the most; the country I was born in. Ukraine has amazing nature: we have the sea, mountains, and picturesque views.

I really love my home, my family and my friends. Therefore, returning home from travel is also to my liking.


What do you do in your free time from studies and extracurricular activities?


I have many interests. I love to paint like my mom. I can collect puzzles, I am never bored. However, my favorite pastime in my free time is walking with Semyon. Semyon is my dog. I play with him and tell him about my day. He is always looking forward to me at home and is happy about my arrival.

They say that pets are like their owners. And I completely agree with that. Semyon is the same fidget as I am (Smiles).

And in the evenings, my mother and I love to watch animated films. She is my best friend, so watching cartoons and discussing characters with her gives me incredible pleasure.

It’s amazing how you have enough time for everything. Who supports you the most in your endeavors?

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My family is my support. I have a lot of relatives: just imagine, I have 6 uncles and 5 aunts. You will never get bored with such a large family (Laughs). We love to get together, have dinners and chat about everything. Whenever something happens to me, I can always count on their help and advice.

Separately, I would like to highlight my parents, who are always on my side, and whom I trust one hundred percent. If I have an idea, I immediately run to share it with them. My parents are the dearest and closest people to me.


What is your most cherished wish?


I have a lot of desires, you can’t tell right away. But there is one thing that I consider the most important: I want the world to never have wars and hunger, so that everyone is always healthy and happy. If I had a magic wand, I would gladly make this wish to come true (Smiles).


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Anastasiіa, it seems that you are really close with your daughter. What do you enjoy doing together?


We love doing everything together: from talking after Nicole comes from school to shopping together. The time spent with my family has always been the main thing for me. My loved ones energize me and give me strength. I really appreciate the moments with my daughter. Therefore, I try to devote every free minute to Nicole.


You are not only a loving mother, but also a professional in your work. Tell us in more detail what you do.


I am an economist by education. Now I work as a trader. I plan to develop further in this direction.

I also recently launched a new project to make cornstarch sachets. I am very close to the sustainable approach to production. And I believe that taking care of the planet should start right now, not only intending, but acting.

We need to change our habits today in order to leave our children a clean planet in the future.

With such a busy schedule, you definitely need time to rest. Tell me, what do you do in your free time from work? How do you spend your leisure time?


As I said, I love to spend all my free time with Nicole. I also go in for sports and paint. My main hobby, like Nicole’s, is traveling. Probably, the love for other cultures was passed on to her from me (Smiles). Traveling fills me and inspires me to new achievements.


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Do you position yourself more as a strict mother or a liberal one?


I consider myself a fairly liberal mother, but I can be strict. My strictness towards my daughter is manifested in the formation of her inner discipline. I teach her to control her emotions, to defend her boundaries.

I lay in Nicole the inner core of a conscious attitude towards life.

What guidance do you give your daughter and how do you see her path to success?


I do not instruct, but rather educate. I bring up several basic traits in my daughter, which, in my opinion, will help her to become a whole person who can fight for success. These are such traits as: independence, the ability to cope with disappointments, failures and discouragement, as well as kindness towards other people.


What advice would you give other parents for a harmonious relationship with children?


Listen to your child, and also be an example for them. Children subconsciously follow the path of their parents. It doesn’t matter what you say, the main thing is the actions that your children see. By setting the right example for your children, you will save them from many mistakes in the future.

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