Anastasia Valavanidou: I would like to tell people about what a wonderful world is like

Today we talk with a talented girl, singer-blogger Anastasia Valavanidou from Greece and ask her about winter hobbies, creativity and blogging.


Anastasia, how do you remember 2021?


In the past year, I took part in a huge number of filmings, competitions and made new acquaintances with talented people. Finally, I met my schoolmates and teachers in person, not online. Overall, I can say it has been a great year and I hope 2022 will be even better.

Was there an event that you will definitely remember forever?


Yes, there was. Actually, more than one. I became the host of the project and I was invited to the channel. It is not me who contacted them, neither did I go through a casting of some sort. Instead, I  simply got a call and an invitation. I was over the moon! I also appeared as a guest star in the play «Karagiosis and the Great Uprising», staged on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution in the amphitheater at the foot of the Acropolis, in which I played an Angel who speaks about one of the most important values for the whole world — Freedom. I had been preparing for this performance for a very long time. It was a great honor to be a part of such a performance in the world-famous Acropolis. With it came a great responsibility too. 

Tell us about the winter hobbies that you enjoy.


I really love to draw, At this time of the year, I draw a lot of winter pictures, including Santa Clauses and Christmas trees. I make greeting cards for the family. One year we made baubles for the Christmas tree, which I painted myself. There was even the time that my brother and I baked toys from dough for a Christmas tree in the form of Christmas trees, animals, and candy and then we painted them. Also, as I’ve said in past interviews, I like to walk with friends in the park, have snowball fights and ice skate.


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In interviews, you have mentioned that your favorite pastimes are drawing and singing, but we know that you also blog. Can you tell us more about that?


On my YouTube channel «Anastasia Valavanidou» I cover various topics, such as Travel, Singing and Dancing, Interviews, as well as Art and Creativity. In my travel videos, I talk about my favorite places in Greece. In my interviews with famous and interesting people, I find out a lot of about their personalities, even fun facts. Also, there are videos where I paint on clothes. Finally, the most important thing is my music and videos in different languages. I think you’ll like it, so you definitely should subscribe!


Would you like to become a blоggеr оr рrеѕеntеr?


I can’t really tell (Laughs). I think that a blogger and presenter is the same. I guess both then, because I want to work in a channel as a presenter and film my life and talk about myself as a blogger.


What genre would you most like to work on? Is there a program that you would like to host?


I have not decided on a genre or a specific program yet because I think when I grow up everything will have changed a lot, meaning that there will be different programs and maybe even other channels. But whatever the genre, I would really like to tell people about life, about what a wonderful world is like, not to mention the fact that every person in this world is special. Regardless of the appearance. What really matters at the end of the day is their inner world. If had to choose now, I’d definitely go for «‎Travel Show: Heads and Tails»!

You are a very creative girl. What about school subjects?

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My favorite school subjects are Art and Physics. I like to study all sorts of physical processes, this is a very interesting subject and my friend and I share our knowledge of physics. But I also really love English.

On  New Year’s Eve, you presented a video for the cover of «Rockin ‘Around The Christmas Tree». Why did you choose this song?


I love «‎Home Alone» and I watch it several times with my family every year. It was there when I first heard this song. It was and is always cool and a mood booster at the same time. Most importantly when I hear it, I immediately want to dance. Later on, my first vocal teacher Athena Savvidou chose it for me. It is the first Christmas, when the teacher is not with us and through this cover song I want to thank her for everything she taught me.


Yоu have made ѕuсh fabulous video work. Tell us a little about the shooting, were there any bizarre incidents?


Well, we flew to Kiev (Ukraine) to shoot the video. There is always snow and a winter atmosphere at this time of the year. However, believe it or not, when we arrived there it was raining and the weather was not anything but winter. We made it though. We shot an excellent video. The snow machine saved the day (Laughs). When we filmed at the rink, it was already a little bit cold, which also helped. Of course, there were some mishaps: on the rink, I fell and hit hard and then I could hardly even walk. I thank the guys who starred with me in the video. They really had my back, literally and figuratively (Smiles). And to the last set, dad carried me in his arms. At that moment, I realized once again that being an artist is very hard work. You have to complete tasks even when you cannot. I think it was all worth it and hope that the viewers will love our New Year’s fun story. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, then go to my YouTube channel. I will be glad to hear from you!

What are your plans for the new year?

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I have a lot of plans. I want to devote even more time to vocal lessons, release an author’s song and video and return to dancing. Of course, I will continue to paint and go to school. I hope that in the coming year the pandemic will end and I will have the chance to participate in various competitions, as I did Pre covid. And a lot more… (Laughs).

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