Antonina Polovenko stars for Charity Calendar 2022

Every year, Amillidius and Fostylen magazine, led by Elvira Gavrilova, organize the Charity Calendar 2022 project, which aims to raise funds for children in orphanages.

The themes of the calendar change every year. This year’s theme is the coronavirus pandemic.

Elvira Gavrilova invited the best designers and specialists to work on the calendar. Designer Yulia Lyatavskaya created masks from fresh flowers, which all the models of the calendar tried on.

One of the project participants is Antonina Polovenko, the owner of the Aquamarine Crew Agency in Odessa; winner and holder of the title of the main queen of Ukraine – “MS Top Ukraine 2021”. We talked with Antonina and found out her impressions of participating in the project.

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“We are all connected, anything can happen to anyone. And helping others, sharing is the right life. Charity is a way of life for me. Every year there are more and more people who want to help, which I am extremely happy about. One of the most significant forms of charity for me is helping children. Therefore, I am very grateful to Fostylen magazine and Amillidius for allowing me to become a part of this project and help in realizing a good deed,” says Antonina.

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