Animal Welfare Organization PETA Launches Online Store With Human Skin Products

The American non-profit organization PETA (“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”) has launched the Urban Outraged platform – the site presents clothes, shoes and accessories made from “human” skin, according to The New York Post. This is how activists criticize the policies of the Urban Outfitters store and other brands that use natural leather and animal fur in their production. The organization reminds them that they feel fear and pain just like people.

In their design, things are similar to the suit made of human skin, which was created by the hero of the movie “The Silence of the Lambs” Buffalo Bill. Fragments of faces are visible on jackets, bones and tendons on belts, the soles of shoes are a row of teeth, and bags are soaked in human blood. These items cannot be purchased – they were all “made” with a photo editor.

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Each model was given a human name: “Sophie Dress”, “Richard Loafers” or “Dan Pants”. The images were supplemented with fictitious descriptions. “There are many Danes in the world, but no two are alike. We have brought this level of uniqueness to our model. None of the items show the same bruises, scars and bloodstains left after several days of torture necessary to create these unique garments, ”says the Urban Outraged website. Also, in a fictional online store, customers are offered to order the Afterlife Collection service and turn the skin of deceased loved ones into necro clothing.

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