Shushan: Influence of Music on Children. Music is the Language of the Soul

Shushan Sargsyan is a talented composer and an outstanding author in the field of classical, film and pop music, who knows firsthand that musical taste needs to be developed from childhood. Our interview is about music and its influence on children…

Shushan, hello! Music has been proven to play a role in brain development even before birth. How can music affect a baby in the womb?

As you know, the mental development of a child is closely related to the physical, and vice versa. If a child in the womb listens to classical music, then the child will grow up more calm and more intellectually developed.

But do not forget about listening to classical music after birth. There should always be good music playing in the house. After all, in this way children will be able to form an aesthetic taste, and become more open to the world and other people. And playing a musical instrument will help develop fine motor skills and teach a child patience.

What composers would you recommend listening to during pregnancy?

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Of course, No. 1 for me is Mozart’s works for children. Fortunately, now his compositions can be found everywhere – on YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms.

I can also recommend Chopin’s works for listening, which also have a beneficial effect on the development of the child.

What is the best way to introduce a child to music?

Love for music is most often transmitted from mom and dad, who set the right example for their child. Therefore, first of all, parents themselves should love music, go to concerts and turn on musical works at home so that the child has the opportunity to develop musically.

Do I need to send my child to a music school, or is it better to hire a private teacher?

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It depends on what you prefer.

There are times when the results after a music school are terrible because the teaching system does not suit your child specifically. However, do not forget about the pluses, because the music school helps the child to better socialize. In addition, one teacher cannot always cover all the areas necessary for teaching, in which case several specialists must be hired. Let’s put it this way: in order to expand the musical range, it is better to opt for a music school.

Can music help a child socialize?

Definitely. At school, the child will be able to amaze his peers with the ability to play a musical instrument. Agree, such a child will always attract attention and cause admiration.

Parents with no musical education often ask, “Can non-musical parents raise a musical child?” What would you say to “non-musical” parents about a child’s musical potential?

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Of course, there are families where there have never been musicians in the family, but a child is born with excellent musical abilities. In this case, parents need to instill in their child a love for music: take them to various concerts, invite talented musician friends home, and take the child to a music school.

What to do if the child does not show the ability to music?

Then nothing needs to be done (Smiles). Just turn on classical music at home to play in the background.

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