Evening dress and sports socks: how Rita Ora combines the incompatible in one look

You can look at the concert outfits of the singer with Yugoslav origin for a long time – Rita Ora never misses the opportunity to complement her mezzo-soprano with spectacular outfits. The last appearance of the stage spotlights of the Portuguese hotel W Algarve was no exception: the singer proved once again that the length of the mini was created literally for her. And she reminded you about the return of golfs from the annals of the 2000s, last week there was a hint from Tina Kunaki.

And we must say that sports knee-highs fit perfectly into the evening look, although marrying two styles is a mission from the category of reconciling the Montagues and the Capulets. It’s all about the same decorative elements – horizontal stripes. The latter, as rhinestones, frame the upper and side parts of the dress and flaunt in the same way on high socks, which is why two completely different elements of the wardrobe combined.

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