After cheating rumors: Kate Middleton came out without a wedding ring


Kate Middleton and Prince William are the same couple goals that millions are equal to. They have been happily married for 11 years and recently celebrated their anniversary. However, is everything really so smooth?

Last week, the Internet began to talk about William’s infidelity. Anonymous gossip account about Hollywood stars Deuxmoi published a message saying that the prince had long ago made romantic connections on the side. According to a source, all of London knows about the duke’s love interest, including those close to the royal family. In addition, the insider claims that Kate Middleton is calm about this.

Despite the fact that the dukes did not react to the rumors, fans of the royal family are sure that Kate is going through a hard time. The fact is that at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Middleton wore only one wedding ring, leaving two at home.

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At the same time, some netizens insist that the duchess simply decided not to wear rings. Like, she had previously appeared without accessories. For example, when I visited the Evelina Children’s Hospital in January 2020.

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