How much Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence make on the set of Don’t Look Up

The new picture on Netflix “Don’t Look Up” has become one of the most popular films on the service today. The premiere of the comedy by Adam McKay took place on December 24.

The star cast could not fail to attract a lot of attention to the film: here are Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothy Chalamet, Chris Evans and many other equally famous actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio received $30 million for filming the feature film “Don’t Look Up”. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence earned 5 million less than her co-star.

Recall that according to the plot of the Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up”, a scientist (Leonardo DiCaprio) learns that an asteroid is approaching the Earth, which will lead to a catastrophe. The hero tries to warn President Jenny Orleans (Meryl Streep) of a possible calamity, but he faces disbelief.

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