What “rider” does Charles III have?

On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II passed away, after her death, her son Charles III (formerly Prince Charles) took the throne. The author of the book “King” Christopher Andersen revealed to us some details of the personal life of Charles III (some facts will surprise you very much).

It became known that the king travels with his teddy bear, which he kept from childhood. “He’s still traveling with his childhood teddy bear,” Christopher said in a new interview. “The only person allowed to touch King Charles III’s teddy bear is his nanny Mabel Anderson, with whom he remains very close,” the author added.

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The author also claims that the king insists on traveling with a “custom toilet seat”.

It is also reported that the king takes his chef with him to meetings. Although earlier Charles III denied these facts. However, people who work in the palace or once worked for it reported that when “he goes to dinner parties at other people’s houses, he often brings his own chef so that they can prepare food for him, which he will eat separately at the table”.

And here is another interesting fact! It turns out that the monarch does not like the square-shaped cubes of the people. “I think it’s one of the funniest quirks – several members of the royal family have it, the queen had it too – they don’t like square ice cubes,” the royal author claims. “They carry ice cube trays with them, bring them with them wherever they go, because they don’t like the ringing sound that square cubes make.”

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