Shushan: “I strive to discover a fresh sound in each new composition”

Shushan Sargsyan, one of the brightest modern composers and an outstanding author in the field of classical, film and pop music, told our magazine Fostylen why the classics are not boring, what every composer dreams of and what is the peculiarity of modern musical culture.

Today all over the world there is a very high spectator interest in the classics. Do you think classical music is going to the masses?

Let me disagree with you. On the contrary, today there is a very high interest in more accessible and lighter music than in classical music, unfortunately. However, it can be noted that one trend is outlined: the desire for more “transparent” music, a craving for wired and natural, primary sources.
But, alas, innovative classical music, or even classical music in the broadest sense of the word still does not go to the masses. Probably, some more changes should take place in order for people to strive more and more for pure music. However, a move away from synthetic sounds is already on the horizon.

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What influence did your parents have on your musical path? Can you name the most valuable thing they taught you?

My parents were a really significant influence on my path in music.
First of all, they taught me how to listen to quality music. Music has always played in our house – symphonies, operas and other classical pieces of music… If we listened to pop songs, they were always high-quality compositions. My dad collected vinyl records. I still have his huge record library before my eyes.
Also, people of art often visited our house. Parents arranged evenings where their musician friends demonstrated their new creations. Of course, it influenced me and helped me shape my musical taste.

As far as I know, you write in several directions at once. Which direction is closer to you?

I write in three musical directions – film music, classical-innovative music and pop songs. But I can say that at different time one direction becomes closer to me.
The most important thing for me is that in these areas the music remains of high quality.

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If I had to describe your music in one word, I would choose “passion”. How would you characterize it?

It seems to me that the word “awakening” would be more suitable for my work, because what I write awakens and cleanses the soul of the listener. I strive to discover a fresh sound in each new composition.

How do you feel about complexity and unpredictability?

Difficulties are part of our life. Taking complexity seriously is actually a little silly. After all, difficulties can become a starting point, an impetus, thanks to which we can rise higher, become stronger and wiser.

What is doping? What spurs your inspiration?

Anything can inspire me: beautiful music, communication with interesting people, nature, traveling to different countries, visiting art galleries, reading fascinating books…

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What, in your opinion, is the peculiarity of modern musical culture compared to the last century?

Music has become much more primitive than in past centuries. After all, the pace of life has accelerated in recent years. If earlier people could listen to opera all evening long, now we will not be able to devote two or three hours of our time to it.
Now modern composers create works (if we are talking about the classics) with a shorter duration, which is more in line with this world.

What do you think every composer dreams of?

It seems to me that every composer dreams that the music he creates reaches the listener, touches their soul and changes something in their life.

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