The Japanese princess will still give up the title and a million-dollar fortune for love and become a commoner

The Japanese princess will still give up the title

The Japanese princess Mako decided not to give up the main man in her life and after the end of the lockdown she confirmed that she was determined to connect her life with a young commoner lawyer Komuro. It is known that they will officially become husband and wife on October 26, however, there will be no solemn ceremony and rituals – after formal registration, they will only hold a joint press conference. Both are expected to move to New York City later this year, where they will begin life, away from the imperial palace and titles.

The situation is worsened not so much by the status of the groom as by accusations of financial fraud against his mother, the future mother-in-law of the princess. This situation became a real shame for the imperial family, led to public condemnation of the couple and delayed their marriage for three years. Last week, 29-year-old Komuro returned to Japan from New York. His hair, tied in a ponytail, was considered a bold and daring sign by the media and only intensified criticism.

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Princess Mako also gave up her 150 million yen (about $1.5 million), which she is entitled to after bidding farewell to the imperial family. Mako will become the first female member of the imperial family since World War II to receive no pay for marriage to a commoner. According to Japanese media reports, the bride was recently diagnosed with a severe mental condition that palace doctors described as “a form of traumatic stress disorder.”

Mako, who turns 30 three days before her wedding, is the niece of Emperor Naruhito. She and her fiancé were fellow students at Tokyo International Christian University when they announced their intention to get married in September 2017.

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