Restaurant built in Liepaja based on old photographs

On July 8, the Commission of the Construction Department accepted into operation the project for the construction of a new restaurant, Parka Paviljons. The building is located in Jurmala Park in Liepaja, at Mikel Valtera 3. The building is notable for the fact that the project was developed using archival historical materials – based on how the building looks in photographs taken before the Second World War.

The historical building was built in 1903 as a pavilion in which the Kurzeme nobles were supposed to receive the Russian Tsar Nicholas II during his visit to Liepaja. Then a public cafe was set up there. The building survived several fires – in 1906, after which it was restored, and in 1977 – but then the building lost its historical value.

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The place of the future restaurant is known to the residents of Liepaja as Jurmala Park or the Imperial Pavilion. The new family restaurant will be called Parka Paviljons to emphasize the historic name.

The project was developed by the architect Andis Kalnins, who studied the available historical information about the former cafe. True, the information was limited to a few photographs and postcards.

The new building is built in historical form with a tower in the middle of the roof and large curved windows. The main facades are made by analogy with the historical ones with stained-glass windows and decorative wooden slats. The façade was clad in white wooden laths, complemented by wooden decorations.

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