Parisian restaurant Cala prepares dishes: why it is profitable

Parisian restaurant Cala prepares dishes

The French restaurant Cala hired a robot for cooking. The innovative solution allows owners to save up to 60% on rental costs.

The Cala restaurant opened in Paris in 2019. In the midst of the pandemic (October 2020), the establishment began delivering food using Deliveroo and UberEats.

The kitchen area of the restaurant is only 6 square meters. The robot installed on it allows you to cook 1.2 thousand dishes per hour. In addition, a 60% savings on rent allows the restaurant to buy the highest quality products. As a result, consumers receive higher quality food at a better price. For example, the cost of pasta is 8 euros – much less than in most establishments in France.

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The technology opens up new opportunities for establishments located in remote corners of the city due to low rents. Yes, lower rental costs will allow them to move to the center.

Currently, Cala is one of the 1% of the best restaurants in Paris that offer delivery. On the agenda – the production of regular robots and implement them in restaurants. It is expected that in the first half of 2022 their number will reach 5-6 institutions throughout France. In order to scale, Cala raised €5.5 million as part of a seed financing round with lead investor Backed VC.

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