Due to the crisis, a British vegan restaurant decided to serve meat

In Taunton, the capital of Somerset, popular vegan restaurant Mango Tree has decided to add meat dishes to the menu due to the crisis. While the institution is closed for renovation, it will soon return in a new format. The restaurant’s customers are dissatisfied with the decision of the owners, who blame the economic crisis for everything.

Mango Tree said they lost customers due to a drop in living standards – almost no one comes to the restaurant, there are still orders for delivery.

“Sale of meat is worse than closing,” the restaurant’s decision was criticized on social networks. “Veganism is not a commercial enterprise. It’s an ethical philosophy that goes above and beyond for animals, the planet, and public health,” added another commenter.

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To this, the owners of the restaurant responded that ethics includes respect for employees: “The changes will help us keep our wonderful team working and allow us to continue serving delicious plant-based dishes in Taunton that would otherwise disappear.”

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