Biden calls the storming of the Capitol an attempted coup

US President Joe Biden described the January 2021 Capitol riots as an attempted coup.

Direct speech: “Today we are here to confront the forces in America that value power more than principles – the forces that tried to carry out a coup, a coup against the legitimately expressed will of the American people, sowing doubts, inventing accusations of fraud and trying to steal elections from the people of 2020 …

They want chaos to reign. We want people to rule. The battle for America’s soul is not over. We must be strong and unite to make sure that January 6 will not be the end of democracy, but the beginning of the revival of our democracy. ”

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Biden has called on the Senate to lift its usual 60-vote barrier in order to pass a couple of electoral reform bills.

Federal election bills are expected not to pass as centrist Senate Democrats refuse to lower the threshold from 60 to 50 to start and end debates on most laws.

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