Taliban pledges readiness for transitional transfer of power

Taliban pledges readiness for transitional transfer of power

Taliban confirmed that the group entered Kabul on Sunday 15 August. An aljazeera.com source in the ranks of the Taliban said that the leadership of the terrorist group “asks everyone to be calm.”

According to a news agency correspondent in Kabul, Taliban are assuring that they have come to the capital “with a message of peace.”

“He (aljazeera.com interlocutor – ed.) said that we have no intention of fighting, that government buildings are safe, and that they have been instructed that if anyone really wants to leave the city, they should be given safe passage”, – said the special correspondent of the publication in Kabul.

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According to media reports, during the talks between the Afghan government and Taliban, the latter voiced several theses, including:

– Taliban are committed to a transitional transition of power;

– there will be no reprisals against the military, who were on the side of the government, the same applies to the civilian population.

On Sunday, August 15, it became known that the Taliban entered Kabul, advancing from several directions at once. The Afghan government announced a peaceful transfer of power in Kabul.

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