Alina Ivershenko stars in Charity Calendar 2022

The project Charity Calendar has existed for more than one year. The goal of the project is to raise funds for gifts to orphans living in orphanages. Charity Calendar is a thematic project and it includes various plots, these are “Seasons” and “Peoples of the World”… This year the topic was the coronavirus pandemic. The calendar is created annually by the international advertising company Amillidius and the Fostylen magazine.

Producer from Ukraine Elvira Gavrilova implemented the project of a mask made of natural flowers together with her partner in the brand of women’s clothing Nanojy Julia Lyatavskaya.

One of the participants in the project is Alina Ivershenko, a makeup artist, hairdresser, and owner of PurPur beauty studio by Alina Ivershenko.

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We talked with Alina about the role of charity in the world and her impressions of participating in the project.

“Charity is an underestimated, misunderstood instrument by our society now, which, in fact, will change our life, country and society forever. Many people think that their small contribution will not be noticed, preferring to do nothing. And this is fundamentally wrong. I believe it is incredibly important these days to highlight the role of philanthropy in the world. Therefore, I am very grateful to the initiative of Amillidius and Elvira Gavrilova in particular for the creation of this charitable project, in which anyone can take part. By purchasing a calendar, you help children and bring joy to their lives,” says Alina.

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