Polina Krupchak: I understand how important it is to value yourself

She is young and successful, she has more than one project behind her. She is the owner of several companies and the founder of a charitable foundation. She is a great mom and a progressive singer. Today we will talk with Polina Krupchak about success, charity, and creativity.


Who is a successful woman in your opinion?


The one who succeeds always and everywhere (Smiles). She gets pleasure from all these processes, achieving her goals and at the same time remains a Woman in every sense of the word, being in harmony with herself and in a state of happiness in the moment!


You have achieved some success, found harmony with yourself, and were able to develop your personality. Is it difficult? What sacrifices did you have to make?


I never make sacrifices, in my case everything happens very harmoniously and correctly. Probably because I know what I want and clearly see my future and myself in it!

It takes a lot of effort, but does this world need successful people?


Quite a strange question, but who decides in general what to whom and for what? Almost 8 billion people on the planet and each one is unique in its essence and structure (to put it roughly), each manifests here on earth their Divine inside them in their own way. And each of us goes their own unique, inimitable path. Therefore, to assess such things in my opinion is extremely absurd.


So what is the absolute secret of a successful businesswoman?


There is nothing absolute in the world, except for Absolute unconditional Divine Love. What, in principle, at least I have, there is a need and desire to strive. Everything else, temporary phenomena, even children and husbands are given to us for rent in this life, what to say about momentary benefits, glory, honor!


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Polina, tell me, when did charity appear in your life?


As far back as I can remember, I have never stopped helping my neighbors. This has always been a very important aspect in my life for me. Only in this case can we truly call ourselves full-fledged participants in the life process, otherwise our life is meaningless. I don’t know if it is possible to remain indifferent to the world and its needs, to the people around us, to their problems and tasks.


How do you organize the work in your foundation?


At this stage, I try to rely more on my intuition and participate in projects and help in some cases really, those who need help, in the first place, in my opinion. We have different projects from environmental to social. The foundation has more than one line of work, because helping children is just as important as helping the environment.

What are the fund’s achievements to date?


Over the two years of the foundation’s official existence, we have been moving forward quite dynamically. And today we are the official partners of many charitable projects not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. And the other day, as a founder of the fund, I received the award «Charity Worker of the Year» at the Cabinet Boss Awards. But the greatest achievement and reward is the gratitude of people.


Where do you get the resource for working in charity?


An interesting question, I never thought of charity as a distribution of my resources, rather it is an inner need and a feeling that the more you give, the more you fill your life with meaning. It is important to understand that when a message comes from the depths of the soul, then there is always an abundance of energy for good deeds, this is some kind of self-replenishing resource that is available to absolutely all people, because you can share with others not only material, but also knowledge, time, love, and this is what each of us has exactly as much as you are ready to give.


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A little about creativity. Recently your new album was released in English, tell us about it.


«‎You are the one» is my 2nd English album, written in retro synthwave and synth pop style. On this album we experimented with interesting retro wave sounds and fashion trends. DJ Nejtrino, Ozeroff, Sky created unique remixes, which were also included in the album. For me, this is a creative process that I enjoy. And it seems to me that music created with love will definitely find a response in the hearts of many people.


Do you miraculously manage to combine your solo career, family, and business, have you always been so successful and self-confident?


No. As a child, she was very quiet, one might even say not a self-confident child. In school, I was sometimes considered arrogant. Although later these same guys, when they got to know me better, were very surprised at the discrepancy between their ideas about me and reality. Over the years, I realized that I need to get rid of complexes and learn to overcome myself. Probably, only now, I understand how important it is to appreciate yourself. I, like everyone else, went to this for more than one day, and in my life there were also mistakes, it was not always possible to devote time to all directions in the same way. Now I can say that there is really harmony in my life.


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Success for women means acting without tension, in creativity and with a sense of drive in your soul. How good are you at following this principle?


The question is straight to the point, you can say, I am a girl-drive, everything that I do in life, I always do with passion and to the maximum. I try to avoid tension both in work and in relationships, life and creativity should be a joy.

What is your most characteristic feature?


In different life situations it happens in different ways, but most likely, the most important thing is never to give up. No matter how much the world around me resists my dreams and actions, if I decided that it was worth spending my time on something and achieving a result, I will definitely do it.


What are your priorities in life?


My priorities in life are family and work. You say: don’t they contradict each other? But this is what is dear to me. Half of me is my family, the other half is work and stage. I need both parts. Eliminate one, and I’ll feel bad. Take another, and I will begin to suffer. The meaning of my life is in their harmony. I will continue to try to keep this balance.


For what in your life do you feel the greatest gratitude?


For the family, for the opportunity to create and live a full life, I do not take it for granted, I appreciate every day I have lived.

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