Motherhood and Music: A Conversation with Ukrainian Singer Soloha

Ukrainian singer Soloha, celebrated for her creativity and profound convictions, has recently become a mother for the second time, a significant milestone in her life. Despite the challenges of motherhood, she remains active in her concert activities and is preparing for a major performance on Mother’s Day, scheduled for May 1st. This event symbolizes not only her artistic skills but also her ability to balance her personal life with a professional career. In the following interview, we discuss how Soloha manages her life between the stage and motherhood, and what prospects and new horizons she sees for herself as an artist and a mother.

How have you managed to maintain a balance between your active concert schedule and pregnancy? Was it challenging to keep up the pace?

My pregnancy was quite smooth, which allowed me to continue my professional activities and enjoy the wonderful moments of expecting a child. Of course, I regularly consulted with my doctor and had ultrasounds to ensure everything was alright. My doctor assured me that my health was fine and even mentioned that being active during pregnancy is beneficial as it improves circulation and provides a better oxygen supply to the child.

Since I had no issues with muscle tone, I could not only tour but also perform in my usual manner, which included wearing 12-centimeter heels. My dance routines lasted 45 minutes and were as active as the choreography required. Throughout this time, I felt no discomfort. It seemed like nothing special was happening, as if I continued living my usual rhythm, just with a growing belly.

Do you think your experience of motherhood will influence your future songs and performances? Are there new themes and ideas inspired by motherhood?

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Motherhood has already influenced my creativity. During pregnancy, I wrote a wonderful song in my seventh month called “Willow”. I became softer, and more sensitive. My songs now explore deeper themes. After the birth of my little daughter, we created a video for “Smiley-Lovey” and launched a charity campaign selling cakes themed around this song to support women in Ukraine during the war who are giving birth.

You have been performing without a producer and believe this has more advantages than disadvantages. How do you plan to balance the roles of producer and mother?

Having worked without a producer for almost four years, I am accustomed to making all the decisions myself. Motherhood has only bolstered my confidence as an artist, and I continue to pursue my passion, bringing positive emotions to people. I advise all artists who can try self-producing, where they depend on no one and are accountable for their actions.

What are your plans for future concerts, especially the Mother’s Day concert?

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I have constant performances, not just on Mother’s Day, and you can check my schedule on social media. Yes, we plan, but everyone knows that the war affects the situation in the country. Unfortunately, much depends not on the artist’s or audience’s wishes but on circumstances. However, I am always ready to work and support our boys and girls on the front lines. A portion of the proceeds from concerts always goes to charity, as I volunteer for the Oleksandr Andriiuk “Victory and Future” Fund. I support families from occupied territories, children who have lost parents, and our military. Thus, my plans are significant, and I hope you will follow the announcements.

How do your convictions and the experience of motherhood influence your future projects and creativity? Are there specific themes or messages you want to convey through your music?

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On April 26th, I introduced a song and video “Pointlessly” marking a new musical era in my artistry. Changing my musical style and image, I remain Soloha, a bit more mature, feminine, stylish, and musically distinct. This is my new era, my new musical epoch.

Motherhood has a very positive influence on me. I want to convey this message to women: motherhood is not an illness, and it does not mean pausing your career. Everything can be combined if there is a desire and resources. It is crucial to stay active and continue doing what you love. It’s unnecessary to dedicate oneself solely to motherhood, as children grow up, but our profession remains with us. We can be active women, combining motherhood with a career. The main thing is to maintain harmony, be a wonderful mom and be accomplished in your work. This message is what I want to convey. You don’t need to pause your career because of motherhood; you can harmoniously combine both and remain a true woman.

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