Amileader: Personal brand – from popularity in school to success in adult life

Amileader is a system for creating a personal brand on the Web will help a child break through in life

Loving parents always want to make the life of their children better, they want to be confident both in their present day and in the distant future. However, as a rule, in the list of what a child needs, an important item is missing – a personal brand. The creators of the Amileader system know for sure that this situation needs to be corrected. Taking care of their well-being, parents give their children cars, apartments, and the most modern gadgets. To help show their talents and achieve success, they send to elite schools and lyceums, hire tutors in various subjects, enroll in language courses, in sports sections and theater studios. After graduation, they pay for education in prestigious universities at home or abroad. Without a doubt, all this is important for the development of abilities and self-realization. But there will be thousands of well-known universities who have received their diplomas. And you will have to build a career in a highly competitive environment, even if your parents have connections.

It is much more important to give children something that will bring concrete benefits now, at the moment, and will serve as a springboard for success in the future. A personal brand will become such a springboard for your child – an information field about him on the Internet, which will present them as a bright personality with outstanding achievements and excellent prospects, and will distinguish them from the general mass of their peers. The Amileader system is designed specifically to solve this problem and to create and promote a personal brand in a short time.

Amileader System: Google will tell everyone about your child

Today, the main thing that is necessary for the formation of such an information field is articles on the Internet that will reveal the child’s successes, tell about what they have already achieved, despite their young age. The required minimum is 10 PR articles – 10 positions that fill the first page of Google for any request. In this case, this request will be the first and last name. Of course, ideally, there should be much more articles, but filled with links to articles, the first page instantly gives an impression of the person and builds a reputation.

How will such an information field be useful to your son or daughter in life? A strong and vibrant personal brand will help to take a leading position in the team, in its environment: at school, then at the institute, among friends, classmates, in other teams with which the activities and hobbies of children are associated. The personal brand created according to the Amileader system will open the doors for your children to a successful independent life.

Personal brand Abhimanyu Mishra introduces the little chess player to the whole world

The efforts of parents who helped their children not only develop their abilities, but also created a personal brand for them in time, today help children go through life to new successes. There are many such examples. Here are just a few of them: the young actress and model Kristina Pakarina, the ten-year-old model Anastasia Knyazeva, the genius little chess player Abhimanyu Mishra, the girl-artist Aelita Andre, the young smart guy with a phenomenal memory Vitaly Nechaev, the polymath and record holder in English proficiency Lev Bondarenko, Oscar Wrigley, who is called the smartest child in the world.

Here’s what Google has to say about Abhimanyu Mishra:

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Google any of these names and you will see how well these talented kids are represented on the Internet. On the first page, there are many links that lead to articles about the child, about their achievements, to news from their life on various sites. Whoever these young talents want to become in the future, whatever they want to do, they will already have «seed capital» – a strong personal brand.

Google presents the young prodigy Lev Bondarenko in bright colors

It will open many doors for them, serve as a recommendation for them when entering a university, help make acquaintances and establish partnerships, and, if they want, create their own business. They will always be treated with admiration, respect and trust.

And so the search engine will present you Lev Bondarenko:

Creating and promoting a personal brand – where to start?

The Amileader system from the advertising company Amillidius will help you create a personal brand for your child. Amileader will present their achievements in the best possible light. And if you do not know where to start and what image on the Internet to create for your son or daughter, we will help you decide and offer options. For example, to create and promote the image of a young fashion model, for a girl, you can organize several photo sessions with publications on spreads and covers of different magazines with which we work. They will help you create a portfolio and will be a great news drive for creating articles on the Internet.

Young Anastasia Knyazeva has created an image of a model and TV presenter on the Web

For a small model, you can organize participation in shows at fashion weeks, which are held by our partners. These impressions will also form the basis for online publications.

Ask Google about Anastasia Knyazeva and you will see many publications:

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Participation in competitions for athletes, performances for singers, dancers, musicians will also be excellent news leads. An exhibition of their work can be organized for a young artist. It is possible to create an information field both for a young blogger and for a young journalist, whom Amillidius organizes interviews with famous personalities.

A good start, the basis for creating a personal brand, will be 10 articles about your son or daughter, which we will publish in specially selected and approved with you Internet media. After publication, these articles will be shown on the first page of Google, for the search query «name and surname». The cost of creating basic publications and their promotion to the top of the search engine results starts from 2-2.5 thousand dollars. This amount includes:

  • formation of a proposal for creating a personal brand, with a description and plan of events that need to be organized;
  • creation by marketers and SEO specialists of terms of reference for writing articles for journalists;
  • work on creating unique visual content for articles – photo session for articles, photo processing (and video, if any);
  • writing articles by journalists of the PR department;
  • work of an SEO specialist in optimization and promotion of publications on the Internet;
  • selection of suitable media on the Internet – based on a combination of rating and price for posting publications;
  • prices for publications on selected internet portals.

The organization of photo sessions, video filming, shows, exhibitions and other events that are needed to build and promote a personal brand is paid separately.

Promotion of a child’s personal brand is an investment in their successful future

Think about your child's future - create a personal brand for him on the Internet using the Amileader system

Two thousand is the minimum cost of creating a personal brand. The impression of the articles will significantly increase the prestige, the rating of the resources on which these articles will be published. And the more famous these resources are, the more expensive are publications on them, of course. However, if such authoritative Internet media as Forbes or Vogue write about your child, it will raise their personal brand to a pedestal, put them on a par with the most successful people in the world. Prices for publication on such portals start at several thousand dollars. For example, an article in Forbes Monaco costs €7,000-10,000, and in Forbes USA – already $60,000. This significantly increases the check for creating a personal brand. But these are not just costs – they are investments in a successful future, and they will pay off with interest.

The first ten articles on the Amileader system will become the basis for further promotion of your son’s or daughter’s personal brand. In order not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and to move forward, they can be supplemented with a personal website. On it, the child will be able to upload their content, talk about their hobbies, give advice to peers and much more. It is also possible to create and implement a social media development plan. And, first of all, to supplement the already existing database with new fresh publications, so that Google more and more reveals to a wide audience the image of your talented son or daughter.

Create a personal brand for your child to help them fulfill their potential and achieve success in life. Make Google your loyal ally using the Amileader system and relying on the experience and professionalism of the Amillidius advertising company.

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