Leading the Field of Hair Transplantation: An Interview with Ivan Baranov, Owner of HairMed

Today, we’ll converse with Ivan Viktorovich Baranov, an esteemed expert in trichology and hair transplantation. He is the founder and primary specialist at the HairMed Hair Treatment and Transplantation Center, with over 14 years of experience in this domain. Ivan Viktorovich has gained prominence for his personally developed unique hybrid technique. This exceptional method enables him to execute successful hair transplants, elevating him to the pinnacle of skill in hair transplantation in Ukraine. His pioneering techniques and accomplishments have garnered international recognition. 

Ivan Viktorovich actively participates in prestigious associations such as ISHRS, WFI, ATU, UADV, EHRS, UHRS, and USHRS. Let’s delve into the field of transplantation through his first-hand insights.

How do you evaluate your achievements in the hair transplantation field over the past decade?

In the past, as I embarked on this journey, hair transplants, and trichology were not as prevalent. Significantly, concerted efforts were needed to alter this landscape. We invested substantial time in conducting training courses, collaborating with hairdressers and stylists, and disseminating information about these procedures. Our objective was to enhance awareness about this field and dispel negative stereotypes.

During the past ten years, our endeavors have borne fruit, leading to a substantial surge in the popularity of this domain. Furthermore, there has been a shift in people’s mindsets. Formerly, many men hesitated to acknowledge the potential of surgical enhancement in their appearance. Presently, such procedures have become commonplace and even trendy. At our center, we now undertake 20 to 26 surgeries each month, a significant increase from the 10 surgeries we performed monthly in the past.

It’s important to highlight that, before the full-scale conflict, patients from various countries, both near and far, sought our clinic’s services, constituting 20-30% of our clientele.

Over these years, remarkable progress has been made, leading to the formulation of our internal protocols that assure high-quality and predictable outcomes in procedures. Our endeavors have introduced an array of nuanced and modern transplantation techniques, encompassing not only hair but also eyebrows and beards. Continuous efforts are directed towards refining our methods, ensuring optimal results, and fostering self-assurance in our patients’ appearances.

Tell us about the distinctive hybrid hair transplantation technique you’ve pioneered at your clinic. How does it set itself apart from other methodologies?

Our distinctive approach involves the fusion of multiple technologies to create a comprehensive framework for hair transplant procedures. The cornerstone of our methodology is the Trivellini tech device, which boasts a programmable punch movement affording us meticulous control during the transplantation process. This level of control extends to regulating angles of movement and hair growth direction, facilitating extraordinarily precise implantation that aligns with the patient’s inherent hair growth patterns.

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Through this technology, we have the capability to work with diverse hair types, encompassing curls, and Afro-textured hair. Alongside the “Trivellini tech” machine, we’ve also perfected micro-hole creation and implantation techniques using specialized DHI handles. This amalgamation of pioneering technologies empowers us to achieve exceptionally natural and harmonious outcomes for our valued patients.

While certain details remain proprietary, serving as our internal “trade secret,” these innovative shifts in our approach to hair transplantation have propelled our clinic to the forefront of the industry. We’re in constant pursuit of refinement and novel methods to ensure the utmost quality and client satisfaction.

What key advantages and attributes differentiate your HairMed clinic from others worldwide?

Our clinic not only leads within Ukraine, but also across Europe, owing to our unparalleled technologies and remarkable accomplishments in hair transplantation. We undertake mega transplantation sessions involving 3500 to 4500 grafts, boasting an impressive success rate of 90-95%.

Our experts have meticulously crafted a unique graft logistics system within our operation theater, optimizing graft utilization. From collection to placement, we judiciously manage each graft’s timeline to maximize procedure efficacy.

Every facet of our graft handling process exemplifies the utmost professionalism. We rigorously monitor temperature, humidity, and graft quality using binocular microscopes and our adept staff, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

It’s noteworthy that few clinics in Europe or globally emphasize graft quality to the extent we do. Proudly ranking atop this elite cohort, our mission centers on providing patients with superlative quality and reliable results that consistently surpass their expectations.

What are the primary hair transplantation methods utilized at your clinic? How do they differentiate themselves from the methods employed in other countries?

Our clinic specializes in employing a seamless hair transplantation

approach, aimed at preserving the donor areas’ aesthetic by utilizing the thinnest possible graft patches. Our distinction from other countries arises from our unique internal protocols, encompassing three key aspects that set us apart from other medical institutions.

The first aspect revolves around graft logistics, where we exert rigorous quality control over each graft. Our adherence to preserving donor resources ensures their optimal utilization.

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The second aspect pertains to intricacies in crafting the frontal hairline. Our team dedicates considerable effort to fashioning a front hairline that’s exceptionally natural and harmonious, taking into account each patient’s traits.

The third aspect encompasses the subtleties of eyebrow and beard transplantation. Our procedures are meticulously executed to render eyebrow and beard transplants virtually imperceptible, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and authentic appearance.

Our team’s unwavering focus lies in attaining the utmost aesthetics across all facets of our procedures, ensuring that every patient exudes a natural and confident aura post-hair transplantation.

Could you share the achievements realized at the HairMed clinic concerning graft survival and client satisfaction?

At HairMed clinic, we deliver remarkable achievements in terms of graft survival rates and customer satisfaction. We place paramount importance on graft quality control throughout every stage of the procedure, employing cutting-edge graft collection methods.

We’ve introduced the incorporation of platelet-rich plasma into our protocol, augmenting procedure efficacy and success rates. Our drive centers on providing clients with the most naturally harmonious outcomes possible, and thanks to these innovative approaches, our successes are truly noteworthy.

Our team masterfully amalgamates professionalism and ingenuity, enabling us to fulfill every client’s desires and expectations. We take immense pride in furnishing our clients with exceptionally high-quality and impressive outcomes, which elevate their self-esteem and contentment with their appearance.

What are the benefits of the seamless hair transplantation method, which HairMed specializes in?

While 95% of hair transplant procedures adopt the sutureless technique, our clinic employs a unique approach involving a delicate, thin patch capable of microsurgical interventions. This method demands a high level of surgeon precision and unwavering focus. Nonetheless, it’s this approach that enables us to preserve the aesthetic integrity of the donor area, minimizing visible marks or scars. With extensive expertise in seamless hair transplantation, our team remains at the forefront of technological advancements in this field. Our dedication is directed towards delivering procedures of the highest quality, leaving minimal traces of intervention. Through this approach, we attain remarkable results, granting our clients enduringly natural and aesthetic appearances.

Could you elaborate on your collaborations with esteemed associations such as ISHRS, WFI, and others? How does this impact your practice and benefit your patients?

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The ISHRS stands as an international association encompassing over 1,500 licensed physicians specializing in hair transplantation technologies. As a pioneer member of this prestigious association in Ukraine, it’s a privilege to be associated with the cornerstone of global hair transplantation.

Additionally, I hold a general membership with the WFI, providing access to an extensive reservoir of hair transplantation information within their extensive database. Our partnership with European associations enables our clinic to implement optimal practices and cutting-edge technologies in our operations.

Furthermore, I’ve showcased our clinic’s work at numerous presentations, disseminating insights into complex cases and treatment procedures. Frequent invitations to participate in global congresses and collaborate with colleagues worldwide further solidify our commitment to advancing hair transplantation.

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict, our online collaborations with these esteemed associations persist. This continuous engagement allows us to contribute to the evolution of hair transplantation and deliver unparalleled results to our valued patients.

Why should patients choose your HairMed clinic for hair transplantation over other options? What unique benefits and quality of services do you offer?

There are several key reasons why patients select our HairMed clinic for hair transplantation over other options. We have over 14 years of experience in this field, and during this time, we have successfully performed hair transplants for more than 1,500 patients. The results of our procedures speak for themselves – after transplantation, our patients express high satisfaction, which is evidence of the quality of our work and skillfulness.

We put special emphasis on details and jewelry precision during the procedures. Our clinic uses advanced instruments and world-class technologies to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of procedures.

We guarantee and support the results of our clients, giving them confidence in the durability of the transplanted hair. In addition, our consultations include an honest assessment of the possibilities and expected results. We never let our clients down, and if during the consultation it turns out that this procedure will not meet the client’s expectations, we honestly refuse. Our task is to help patients achieve the desired results and ensure their complete satisfaction.

We are proud of our excellent reputation and high standards of service, which ensure that our patients receive reliable and successful hair transplant procedures.

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