Fashion and Energy: A Conversation with Olena Stelnykovich on Fashion and Magic

In a world where fashion intertwines with art, Olena Stelnykovich, founder and designer of ELEN OST’s Ukrainian brand, stands as a symbol of innovation and female empowerment. Recently, she received the “International Fashion Designer of Exclusive Clothing” award and not only sets the tone in fashion but also actively influences the cultural sphere by supporting young talents through the Kids Gravity award. Known for her elegant collections that inspire women to feel like queens, she masterfully combines beauty, comfort, and self-expression in her work.

Olena, your participation in the “Kids Gravity” award highlights your commitment to supporting young talent. How does your experience as a mother influence your vision and contribution to such initiatives?

The development of a child’s talents and abilities largely depends on the support and assistance of close people and patrons. Today, international support plays a vital role, and the support of every concerned Ukrainian is also very necessary, as we, like no one else, understand all the pain and suffering that has occurred Ukraine! Only by uniting do we become that invincible force that leads us to the nearest victory! For me, family, development, and raising my son are paramount. As a mother, I understand that we need to help develop the abilities of our talented children to the fullest. Children are our future! Our talented children demonstrate how resilient Ukrainians are and glorify our country on an international level. Supporting gifted children and youth promotes the restoration of cultural integration on a planetary scale. Currently, our culture is undergoing an incredible transformation and becoming trendy worldwide!

I’m proud of how many new names today have opened up for us! We are a unique nation and must remain so! We see numerous talented young artists on social media who have achieved success, and imagine how many young people don’t have such an opportunity! Therefore, I am convinced that charitable projects like the FIRST ANNUAL ALL-UKRAINIAN AWARD FOR CHILDREN “Kids Gravity. Top-100. Dreams on Wings: Children’s Talents” have created a unique environment for displaced persons and their families, especially children, to find themselves, find support, and preserve their cultural heritage. Encouraging displaced persons to stay in Ukraine and build their bright future at home is very important.

You mentioned that your dresses have a special energy and embody feminine charm. Why is this significant for modern women and girls?

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Dresses by the Elen Ost brand are not just items, but something special and magical! I invest a part of myself into each piece, a magical energy that heals and inspires. Primarily, I work through this divine power of feminine beauty and incorporate it into every dress. Through my brand ELEN OST, I help reveal femininity, refined sexuality, that feminine charm that each woman is born with. In my dresses, women can feel loved and desired, beautiful and gentle. My dresses help them to open up and express themselves, to always be on top, and to love themselves completely! This is my special secret and the message of my brand. And those girls who have already chosen looks from me, feel and experience a real transformation.

What do you think is the role of fashion in educating girls, based on your work? Is it important to teach them to express themselves through clothing from a young age?

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All girls want to be like their mothers from childhood. They copy not only habits but also lifestyle, behavior, and images. Fashion plays a significant role in raising children, especially girls, as it can be a means of self-expression and a way to explore their individuality. Teaching girls to express themselves through clothing from a young age is very beneficial, as it helps them develop self-confidence and a sense of style. However, it’s also essential to emphasize that self-expression can take many forms and that a person’s inner qualities are as critical as their appearance. Ultimately, fashion is one way people can express their personality and culture. So, teaching this from an early age can facilitate the development of creative and social skills.

Could you share how you balance motherhood and a career in such a demanding industry as fashion?

Balancing motherhood and a career in the fashion industry requires great organization and flexibility. Consider a flexible work schedule, delegating tasks, and using a support network such as family, friends, nannies, or daycares. Sometimes compromises are necessary to manage all the tasks and needs. It’s critical to set clear priorities and boundaries between work and personal life, and also remember to take care of your well-being. Ultimately, finding a balance that fits your values and the needs of your family is key.

What do you consider your main inspiration when creating new collections? How does this inspiration reflect in your approach to design and vision of fashion?

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My inspiration for new collections stems from a desire to create something extraordinarily beautiful and functional that can evoke emotions and inspire women. The idea of my brand is to immerse women in a world where light, harmony, and the embodiment of femininity prevail. Inspiration can come from anything: from natural landscapes, architecture, art, other people’s stories, or even from a world of fantasies. It’s significant that each collection tells its own story and reflects a certain mood or concept. The spring collection, for example, symbolizes the Renaissance, merging with bright colors and light fabrics that inspire feelings of freedom and tranquility. Each detail, shade, and line in the design matters and contributes to the overall vision of the collection, aimed at making a woman not just more beautiful but also confident in her uniqueness.

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