Charity event in Odesa to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Elvira Gavrilova organaized charity evening in Odessa

Elvira Gavrilova with Svitlana Osaulenko, Vlad Sytnik, Yevhen Khmara and Timur Miroshnichenko

On July 28, businessmen and philanthropists Elvira Gavrilova, Sargis Sargsyan, and Natalia Bondarchuk organized a charity evening in Odesa to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The prestigious Bond restaurant hosted the event, welcoming guests from various backgrounds, including prominent personalities, Members of Parliament, and well-known entrepreneurs.

The charity evening started with official speeches from city authorities, specifically Svitlana Osaulenko, a deputy of the Odesa City Council, and Marat Korolev, the head of the Prymorskyi District Administration.

Elvira Gavrilova with Natalia Bondarchuk

Elvira Gavrilova with Natalia Bondarchuk and Zemfira Orlova

Throughout the event, attendees had a unique opportunity to participate in a charity auction featuring valuable items, such as:

  1. The Ukrainian flag with a signature from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhny.
  2. An icon painted on armor by the renowned icon painter Andriy Okhotskyi, whose works were presented to the Presidents of Poland and Lithuania during their visits.

    Ikon made by Andrii Okhotskii

    Volodymyr Klymenko presenting an icon made by Andrii Okhotskii

  3. Two patriotic T-shirts from the esteemed Kate Lab brand, which President Zelensky himself wore.
  4. Two patriotic jewelry pieces from the Ukrainian brand Zarmilkas.

     jewelry pieces from the Ukrainian brand Zarmilkas

    Ukrainian spikelets of wheat, made by Zarmilkas


  5. Additionally, Oleksandr Kozyr graciously provided a painting from his collection for the auction, titled “Volodymyr Chornyi. A girl with a jug. 1997”.

    Aleksandr Kozyr with guests of charity evening in odessa

    Oleksandr Kozyr visited charity event

The talented Timur Miroshnichenko, who had previously hosted this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in the UK, emceed the charity event. The star-studded lineup of artists, including Vlad Sytnyk, the golden voice of Ukraine, the virtuoso pianist Yevhen Khmara, and the gifted singer Maria Smirnova from Odesa, delivered captivating performances for the esteemed guests.

Vlad Sytnik, the golden voice of Ukraine

Vlad Sytnik, the golden voice of Ukraine


Auction to help Ukrainian Army

Host Timur Miroshnichenko presenting boxing gloves singed be Vitali Klitschko

This event showcased the unity of compassionate hearts coming together to support the Ukrainian soldiers in the Armed Forces. The donations were transferred to the Volunteer Battalion charity fund, which is dedicated to providing essential supplies and equipment for the Armed Forces. The charity evening in Odesa made a significant contribution to bolster the nation’s spirit and provide aid to our brave defenders.


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