How did matcha take over the beauty industry and what is its use in cosmetics?

Matcha has long conquered the world of drinks and desserts, and the cosmetics market has continued for the past few years. Green powder is added to serums, creams, masks, and perfumers of the Maison Margiela and Le Labo brands even dedicate fragrances to it.

Tea has always been a sought-after ingredient in the beauty world, but matcha has surpassed all of its predecessors. All this is due to the great love of the West for Asian culture, because the mast is from there. Her popularity from the restaurant business quickly spread to the beauty industry. But unlike overpriced ingredients like gold, matcha does have its upsides.

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Matcha contains essential ingredients for the skin. For example, it has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. It is they who help fight free radicals – the first to encroach on the youth of our skin. Matcha is also rich in methylxanthines. These components can often be found in the composition of anti-cellulite creams. They stimulate blood circulation, which promotes healthy and radiant skin.

Hence the useful properties of the ingredient. Products with matcha:

– lighten dark spots;

– improve skin color and even out its tone;

– prevent the aging process;

– reduce inflammatory processes;

– increase skin elasticity and turgor.

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It is important to understand that matcha in cosmetics is an additional component of the formula. It supports and enhances the properties of more active ingredients.

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