5 ways to slow down aging


Free radicals are one of the main enemies of firm skin. The bad news is that almost everything that surrounds us every day contributes to their formation: ultraviolet light, polluted environment, radiation, smoking, stress provoke the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. The good news is that you can fight all of this with the help of berries, which contain a powerful charge of antioxidants. It is recommended that you supplement your diet with a serving of berries daily, ideally with the first meal of the day. In this way, they are ideally metabolized and protect the body from free radicals and, therefore, premature aging throughout the day.

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You don’t have to get your vitamin D from the sun, you should definitely avoid it and don’t forget to apply SPF to your skin 365 days a year. If you live in a northern country and work in an office, you are likely to be deficient in this vitamin. However, before running to the pharmacy, consult an endocrinologist: the doctor will prescribe an analysis and a dosage corresponding to the results. You will have to choose in what form it is more convenient for you to take vitamin D – capsules or solution.


A useful habit, which for many remains a personal challenge. Accept it: the body is 50-80% water, and the older we get, the smaller its percentage – hello, wrinkles.

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Stress makes us age faster because in this state, the body releases cortisol. In the “fight or flight” mode, the arteries narrow, and less oxygen is carried through the blood. Free radicals are waiting right there, blooming in a state of stress and making us look older.

Obviously, that’s easier said than done. As a tip, we advise you to play events in your head that can cause you stress. Thus, if this happens in reality, your reaction will be calmer.


Another age-old truth: sport is life. Cardio, aerobic and anaerobic activities – choose the one that you like and do it regularly. The sooner you turn sports into an integral part of life, the later you will begin to age. Muscles make the skin supple and toned, burn fat and maintain optimal insulin levels. And if you go in for sports in the air, then, in addition to all the listed bonuses, you also actively saturate the cells with oxygen.

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