3 Dentist Treatments Everyone Should Do

3 Dentist Treatments Everyone Should Do

Let’s be honest, few of us responsibly monitor the health of our teeth, plan trips to the clinic in advance and are generally ideal. However, as you know, it is still wiser (and more profitable) to prevent dental and occlusion problems than to solve them on an ad-hoc basis.


Even if you brush your teeth super thoroughly, a regular brush is simply not able to clean the surface of the oral cavity 100%. This leads to the fact that plaque accumulates on the teeth, in hard-to-reach places – between the teeth, in the depressions of the teeth, which eventually turns into dental plaque. In addition, poor hygiene can lead to the formation of calculi on the surface of the teeth: salts crystallize from saliva and settle as calculi on the surface of the teeth. They can not only accumulate pathogenic flora (microorganisms), but also mechanically press on the gums, lead to inflammatory processes, the formation of periodontal pockets, and periodontitis.

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Term: every 6 months.


The doctor diagnoses caries in a patient if he complains of discomfort in the oral cavity, notes visible defects on the teeth.

Caries is an infectious disease that can completely change the microbiocenosis of the oral cavity.

For example, if you take a swab from the oral cavity of a healthy person and compare it with a smear from a person with at least one carious cavity, then you can notice different assimilation of bacteria: in the future, bad bacteria will spread to healthy teeth, and this can lead to the formation of new carious lesions already on the adjacent teeth.

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Term: every 6 months.


It is not mandatory, but rather one of the most popular procedures for modern patients. Whitening helps to correct the natural shade of the tooth enamel, making them brighter and whiter.

Term: once a year

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