What to watch this season: 5 fashion movies and TV shows

5 fashion movies and TV shows

We watch the weekend films about fashion:

“Russian holidays”

Russian holidays

In the eight-part film, supermodel Natalia Vodianova with her children – Lucas, Neva and Viktor – travels across Russia and opens her homeland for them. Mikhail Zygar acted as the showrunner of the project, and Natella Krapivina, known for making Eagle and Tails, the most popular Russian travel show, became his co-producer. The Vodianova-Portman trip starts in Sochi, where the heroes learn curling, visit the local kennel of stray dogs and Stalin’s dacha. In the next episodes, the family will travel to North Ossetia, Karelia, Murmansk Region and Adygea. The main intrigue: will Lucas, Neva and Victor love Russia the way their mother loves her homeland?



Ryan Murphy’s new project is dedicated to Roy Halston, the wildly popular 1970s designer who dressed Lisa Minnelli, Bianca Jagger and other major stars of the time. Halston quickly became a star himself: at the parties of Studio 54 he was one of the most welcome guests, and outside of America he was also watched with interest – especially after his triumph at the Battle of Versailles. Quickly gaining success, popularity and money, Halston just as quickly lost everything, including the right to use his own name. In the mini-series about the colorful life of a designer in the 1970s, Ewan McGregor got the main one. Liza Minnelli, Halston’s close friend, is played by actress Christa Rodriguez.

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“Worn stories”

Worn stories

Silk ties were rescued from the family home destroyed after Hurricane Sandy. Boots in which a person survived a plane crash. A varsity sweatshirt that one of the heroes was finally allowed to take with him into space. The Netflix documentary project focuses on clothing and the touching stories associated with it from the lives of different people. For some, a particular piece of clothing helped to find themselves, for others – to preserve the memory of the departed. Therapy stories can be listened to randomly and in the background during the spring cleaning of the wardrobe.



This work became the best debut at last year’s “Kinotavr”. This is the story of the growing up of a girl Masha from a provincial Russian city. The action takes place in the 1990s with all the signs of the era: stalls, bandits, carpets on the walls, tracksuits and thick chains. The designer and stylist Anna Chistova became Masha’s costume designer. In addition to the typical gangster images, the minimalism of the 1990s is beautifully traced here – it is embodied by Masha’s mother, who wears silk shirts, men’s shirts, a beige cloak and laconic earrings with pearls. The red dress, according to the designer, is intended to emphasize the tragedy of the ending. Don’t think of it as a spoiler.

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“Shoplifters of the World”

Shoplifters of the World

If you want to immerse yourself in the youth fashion of the 1980s, check out Steven Kizhak’s directorial work. In the film, some characters copy the style of Madonna, others – of David Bowie, for the third, The Smith becomes the guiding star. By the way, the tape got its name in honor of the song of this cult British band – “Shoplifters of the World”. The plot is based on real events: in 1987, a fan of The Smith was so saddened by the news of the breakup of his favorite band that he went to the radio station with a loaded pistol and made the DJ play The Smith records at gunpoint all night without interruption.

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