Sofia Coppola to direct “Priscilla”

Sofia Coppola will shoot the project “Priscilla” about the wife of a famous musician. Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette creator Sofia Coppola will develop a film about Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla, according to Deadline.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Sofia Coppola’s new film work will present not only the relationship between Priscilla and her star husband, but also the life of Priscilla as a film actress and business woman. The film is based on the memories of Priscilla herself and is an adaptation of her memoirs.

The only wife of musician Elvis Presley, Priscilla, in 1985 presented her work Elvis and Me to the world. The novel has become an international hit. Subsequently, the book “Elvis and I” became the basis of a television project about Elvis and his wife Priscilla. In her autobiography, Priscilla Presley describes the emergence of a relationship with Elvis, their romance and joint trips, as well as how her parents let her live with him. The book tells not only about the actual events, but also about the emotional experiences of young Priscilla. For example, a woman describes how she came across information about Elvis’ novels and his infidelities.

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