A new biography of Karl Lagerfeld has been released – with comments by Bernard Arnault, Tom Ford and Princess Caroline of Monaco

A new biography of Karl Lagerfeld has been released

The French Libération journalist Marie Ottavi has released a biography of Karl Lagerfeld – “Karl”. The book is based on interviews with Caroline of Monaco, Bernard Arnault, Alessandro Michele, Tom Ford, Paco Rabanne, Karin Roitfeld and Bruno Pavlovsky, president of the Chanel fashion department.

Friends and colleagues of the legendary fashion designer have shared stories related to him. So, Bruno Pavlovsky spoke about how Karl was going through the crisis after the drop in Chanel sales in 1999. And Caroline of Monaco recalled her first photo session, which took place in Lagerfeld’s Paris apartment in 1973. The 16-year-old princess posed in the couturier’s outfits he created for Chloé.

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“My goal in this book was to put his life in the context of fashion history, so I think this is not just a biography of Karl, it is also a book about the evolution of the fashion industry,” says Marie Ottavi.

For the cover for the book, Ottavi chose Lagerfeld’s passport photographs, in which he is depicted without glasses. “I wanted to talk about every facet of it, and these photos reveal another side of it,” the journalist notes.

Two years ago, Ottavi interviewed Karl Lagerfeld about an affair with Jacques de Basher and based on it she wrote the book “Jacques de Basher: The Dandy in the Shadows.” The biography of the fashion designer was previously released by his bodyguard Sebastian Jondo (“How are you, dear Karl?”), And the book by Le Monde journalist Rafael Bake called “Kaiser Karl” is planned to be filmed on Disney +.

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Karl by Marie Ottavi is now available on Amazon.

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