Sasha Stadnik, a TV radio presenter

Sasha Stadnik

is a TV and radio presenter, co-owner of SHARK Radio, host of the rank show, the program "Kinomysly". Interviewer: he conducts interviews with artists, actors, athletes and people who are doing something interesting.

About himself

I attract people with beauty. Exceptional beauty. Pure, natural, girlish, almost not supplemented with a perm, or auto tanning products, or wax to remove excess hair. The same as the rainforest, which is saved by the singer Sting. Here I am like a rainforest – the unity of nature-mother and nature-father.

I try to be a good person, although it is really difficult. You have to step over yourself, lie, pretend, hide your dark sides. At least to cover – it is impossible to hide them. After all, it happens that flaws and bad manners just spring from pockets and bosom. I forcefully pull them in – well, of course, when I'm alone – I relax.

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