Vagan Simonyan: tools for profitable business development

Vahan Simonyan

– is a successful businessman, Ph.D. in Economics, author of the books "The Encyclopedia of Financial Markets", "1001 Lessons in Currency Trading", "Money and Markets: Flights in Dreams and in Reality".

Vahan Simonyan, who owns the hotel business, invests in agriculture and real estate; his business interests include advertising and the media. He began his career in business more than twenty years ago, in his final years of university. For some time he combined entrepreneurial activity with graduate school and teaching, but soon made the final choice in favor of business, organizing his own financial consulting company. And since then, he has only increased momentum, mastering new directions.

Vahan Simonyan has established himself as an active public figure and philanthropist. For many years he has been a member of the board of the Odessa Armenian community, and is also a member of the board of the charitable foundation named after St. Gregory the Illuminator, where he initiated the creation of educational and sports committees, the work of which he supervises. Among his projects are a new heating system in the church of the Public Broadcaster of Georgia, landscaping of the adjacent territory, and a computer class. The businessman acts as the initiator and one of the sponsors of the construction of the first school with in-depth study of the Armenian language, literature and history, as well as the creation of a hub for youth and the development of social networks of the Armenian community. He directs his forces and means to support the needy and talented youth. As head of the Armenian Business Club, which, by the way, has representatives of different nationalities, Vahan Simonyan has created an effective community of entrepreneurs, built on the principles of mutual assistance and mutual development.

About blog

In his blog entitled "Tools for the development of a profit-making business" Vahan Simonyan shares his experience of effective organization of business processes, presents effective tools tested personally, gives advice and expresses expert opinion on management, marketing, and sales management. In the blog of a businessman practicing with more than 20 years of experience, you will learn about the pitfalls that await entrepreneurs on the way to create and develop their own company, about mistakes and typhoons in the field of business. The blog is useful for both novice entrepreneurs and experienced business sharks.

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