Armenian Business Club and “Diya. Business” – common goals as the basis for promising cooperation

Armenian Business Club and "Diya. Business"

Dear friends!


At the time of the establishment of the Armenian Business Club, we declared our main values ​​- assistance, support and active exchange of experience in the business environment. For five years already, ABC has been living by these principles and benefits many businessmen. We have always been and remain an open community, ready to cooperate with other clubs and associations with which our goals coincide. In our time, when the next global economic crisis, provoked by a pandemic and lockdown, threw the world economy a few steps back, it is extremely difficult for business to survive. And it is very important for every entrepreneur to find a foothold. The Armenian Business Club and our colleagues from other business clubs are precisely this foothold that allows businessmen not only not to lose their business, but also to develop it in difficult economic conditions.

And it is especially gratifying that today the initiative to create such organizations comes from our state. I am talking now about the all-Ukrainian business support center “Diya. Business”, with the Odessa branch of which the Armenian Business Club has recently been cooperating. “Diya. Business” is a grandiose project for the development of Ukrainian business, which operates both on an online platform and offline – through business support centers. Goals and objectives of ABC and “Diya. Business” are very similar. On the project portal and in the very center, you can get advice on transferring a business online and digitalization, on management and marketing, on sales and HR, on franchising and legal issues, on business psychology, you can find an idea for your own business and get advice on how to develop it. 

If on a national scale such support for entrepreneurs is only gaining momentum, the ABC has been actively involved in this for five years in Odessa and the Odessa region. Seminars, trainings, master classes on a variety of topics related to all areas of business are an important part of the activities of our business club. On average, twice a month we invite well-known speakers to the ABC. Practice shows that even experienced businessmen discover a lot of new things at such training events and derive real practical benefits from them, not to mention beginner entrepreneurs. Innovative business space “Diya. Business”, having opened a branch in Odessa, also provides our Odessa entrepreneurs with educational services, inviting leading Ukrainian business experts to conduct seminars. And it is very symbolic that the theme of the first joint event of ABC and “Diya. Business” became a partnership in business. Renowned banker and financial expert Vladimir Artemenko is convinced that it is necessary to manage not only a business, but also a partnership. He shared his personal experience of building partnerships, introduced him to partnership management tools, told how to protect it from destructive conflicts. During the crisis, according to Artemenko, the topic of partnership is especially relevant. And most of us absolutely agree with him.

I am sure that the partnership between the Armenian Business Club and “Diya. Business” will be fruitful and mutually beneficial, will help the members of our club to form new business ties, find investments for their business and implement ambitious plans.

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