Konstantin Skoptsov

Konstantin Skoptsov

– is an extraordinary artist who lives and works in Odessa, but is recognized far beyond its borders. He is a full member of the international academy "Ferronni", the Paris Association "Phoenix" and the only representative of the Paris school of Ukrainian painting in the south of Ukraine. The ancient knightly order of the Hospitallers diplomaed him for high achievements in art, one of which is the creation of a new artistic style — semantic realism.

From his youth, Skoptsov was engaged in martial arts, while studying philosophical texts. The artist's interests include the philosophy of the German Renaissance, Sufism, Taoism, and ancient schools. In addition, he studied medieval alchemy and Kabbalah for a long time. Moreover, he studied not from popular books, but under the guidance of dedicated Teachers.

The result of deep immersion in the secret knowledge of mankind has become his unique philosophical graphics. You can endlessly discover new meanings in it, and at the same time get acquainted with its help with all the world symbolism and semantics. No wonder the style he created is called "semantic realism" – non-obvious meanings of objective reality.

In this blog, we want to show all the facets of the personality that Konstantin Skoptsov is. In addition, here we will try to reveal some of the secrets of his work. Do you agree that real art is impossible to understand at first sight? That all masterpieces have hidden meanings that are not available to every viewer? Are you ready to indulge in thought and search for secret symbols with us?

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