Paralyzed American was able to tweet with the power of thought

The 62-year-old American with paralysis for the first time in history was able to create a tweet with the power of his thoughts thanks to a chip implanted in his brain. The post was published on the Twitter account of the head of the American startup Synchron, Thomas Oxley.
“Hello World! Short tweet. Colossal progress,” – wrote the paralyzed man.
In 2020, Synchron implanted a Stentrode chip in the brain of Philip O’Keefe, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The chip allows Philip to sync with the computer. The man has already learned how to send messages, make online purchases, and now use social networks. To prove this, he posted a tweet using a neurocomputer.

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“No keys or voice input needed. I was able to create this tweet just by thinking about it. I hope I’m paving the way for people to tweet through thoughts,” – Philip shared.

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