Bitcoin falls in value – followed by other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin falls in value

The rate of the most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin – on Monday, August 30, fell in price.

According to the rate at the Ministry of Finance, over the last day it fell by $ 554.34 (-1.14%). By 9:00 Kyiv time, Bitcoin was trading at $ 47,907.

Price of other cryptocurrencies:

Ethereum – $3168 (-0.77%);
Litecoin – $172.19 (-3.03%);
NEO – $53.11 (-2.07%)
What the experts say. Specialists’ forecasts regarding the cost of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are very optimistic. Bloomberg Intelligence strategist Mike McGlone notes that Bitcoin has the potential to reach $100,000. He believes that Bitcoin will become digital gold.

At the beginning of summer 2021, bitcoin lost about half of the price, falling from a record almost 65 thousand dollars, which were fixed in April.

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