China has created a “neuroprosecutor” for criminal cases

Chinese scientists have created an AI that can replace the prosecutor. The system is able to analyze criminal cases and make decisions on charges. The technology has already been tested by the Shanghai prosecutor’s office, according to the South China Morning Post.

The neural network has been trained for over 5 years on 17 thousand cases. As a result, she is able to identify and prosecute 8 of the most common crimes. These include credit card fraud, illegal gambling, dangerous driving, willful personal injury, obstruction of duty, fraud, and “provoking trouble.”

According to the developers, the accuracy of the AI ​​solution is 97%. Scientists plan in the future to constantly update the program so that it can recognize other crimes, as well as issue multiple charges to one suspect.

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“Artificial intelligence can replace prosecutors to some extent. The use of AI technology in law enforcement is growing around the world. In Germany, similar technologies are used to recognize images and conduct digital forensics. This is necessary to improve the speed and accuracy of processing cases,” says AI creator from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shi Yun.

Despite the high percentage of correct decisions, the development was criticized by representatives of the prosecutor’s office in several Chinese cities. In their opinion, most employees do not want machines to “interfere with the final judgment.” Prosecutors are also concerned about who will take responsibility in the event of a mistake – “the prosecutor, the machine, or the AI ​​developer? ”

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“A machine cannot anticipate a public reaction. AI can help, but it will never replace a human in making a decision,” said a prosecutor in Guangzhou.

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