Britain has invented the “dog phone” so that pets can call owners

What if your pet could call you at work? Surely, many thought about it. In addition, this option would be very useful when the owner is away, but really wants to see his pet. Now it will be possible. British scientists have developed a device by which a dog can call its owner. According to The Guardian, the DogPhone is a ball with a transmitter inside that triggers a video call on a computer.
To dial the owner on the “dog’s phone”, the dog will just need to play with a soft ball. The owner will have access to the same options as with a regular phone call – accept, reject or call the dog himself. To pick up the phone, the dog will need to move the ball.

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The dog of co-author Elena Hirsky-Douglas has already tested the new device and successfully called its owner with a ball. According to the developers, calling owners will help dogs not to feel abandoned when people are at work. In the future, using this technology, animals will even be able to call each other.

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