Tennis players not vaccinated from coronavirus will not be able to participate in the Australian Open

The authorities of the Australian state of Victoria have banned tennis players unvaccinated from coronavirus who will take part in the Australian Open to enter the region.
Earlier it was reported that players who have not been vaccinated will be able to participate in the Australian Open if they complete a 14-day quarantine. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison then said that unvaccinated players would be allowed to enter the country if they received permission from the state of Victoria. However, State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews ruled out this option on Wednesday.

“People who are not vaccinated will not be able to get into pubs, cafes, restaurants, and also take part in all other activities. We are not going to make exceptions. So the issue is basically resolved,” Andrews said.

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Previously nine-time Australian Open winner and world number one Serb Novak Djokovic questioned his title defense in 2022 due to restrictions on entry into the country. Djokovic, along with the second racket of the world, Russian Daniil Medvedev and a number of other players, prefer not to disclose their coronavirus vaccination status.

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